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About The Program

Biochemistry is the ideal interdisciplinary major for those students that want to pursue a career in biochemistry, enter the health professions, or simply want to get a broad scientific foundation. The major explores biology, chemistry, computer science, data science and physics to study the design, organization and function of living systems at the cellular and molecular levels. We are an energetic community dedicated to the promotion and advancement of biochemical and molecular biology education. You will find in the program a diverse number of curricular offerings ranging from proteomics and genomics to enzymology, pharmacology and bioinformatics. Our program strongly believes in the pedagogical role research plays in an undergraduate education, and therefore, we offer research opportunities and support students from those that are trying research for the first time to those ready to experience top-notch, high-impact publication level lab work. We hope you find Biochemistry to be a vibrant field of study best suited to your future career aspirations.

Because biochemistry builds on the fundamentals of both biology and chemistry, students who major in biochemistry begin by taking introductory courses in both of these fields. Biochemistry follows in either the second or third year, along with additional courses in cell biology, physiology, molecular biology and physical chemistry. More specialized courses selected according to the student's individual interests complete the major.

Most biochemistry majors complete an independent research in collaboration with one of the biochemistry faculty members. Research projects pursued by biochemistry faculty include DNA damage and cancer, bacterial pathogenesis, muscle biochemistry and sexual dimorphism. the molecular biology of human parasites, anaesthetic interactions, photosynthesis regulation, ion channel function, single molecule kinetics, and selective biochemical catalysis

The major provides excellent preparation for entrance into biochemistry and molecular and cellular biology graduate programs or into professional programs in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy or veterinary medicine. Additionally, students are well prepared for entry-level positions in industry and academia.