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1968 Mears & Stainbank, London (Whitechapel Foundry)

Treble (A)
2-2-21 cwt (301 lbs.) 22.75"
In honor of Marjorie Resnikoff Botwinik ’37

Donated by Mr. Norman T. Botwinik in honor of his wife
Second (G#)
3-0-17 cwt (353 lbs.) 23.75"
I am Grace

Donated by Janet Carlile Harris
Third (F#)
3-1-16 cwt (380 lbs.) 25"
To the joy of music, mathematics and memory
Donated by Edward P. Hutchinson and his daughter Joan P. Hutchinson ’67 in honor of his wife and her mother, Louise Forbes Hutchinson ’36
Fourth (E)
4-0-16 cwt (464 lbs.) 27"
I am Equity
Donated by Janet Carlile Harris
Fifth (D)
4-2-24 cwt (528 lbs.) 28.75"
I am Diligence

Donated by Janet Carlile Harris
Sixth (C#)
5-0-25 cwt (585 lbs.) 30"
I am Courage

Donated by Janet Carlile Harris
Seventh (B)
7-0-17 cwt (801 lbs.) 33"
I am Blessed

Donated by Janet Carlile Harris
Tenor (A)
8-2-11 cwt (963 lbs.) 36" *
*Per Dove's Guide. Elsewhere listed 8-3-0 cwt (980 lbs.)
Donated in memory of Margaret Nichols Shurcliff by members of her family and friends in the American Guild of English Handbell Ringers

Janet Carlile Harris also donated funds to strengthen the tower. Her sister, Dorothea Carlile ’22, died while a student and her mother, Florence Jeffrey Carlile 1893, was an original donor of the carillon in College Hall.