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Change ringing is open to all faculty, staff and students and extended community members who wish to ring the bells on campus and share their wonderful sounds on important Smith occasions.

Fall Break Area Meeting

Friday October 7 - Monday Oct 10th

Fri.    5 pm - 8 pm           

Bell Handling, Tower Tours, Beginning Ringers

Sat.  11am - 4 pm           

North American Guild of Change Ringers - visitors welcome

Sun. 10 am - 11 am        

Quarter Peal attempt (observe from dance studio or Sage plaza)

Sun. 11 am - 4pm           

Area Meeting and special guests with Kent School, Kent, CT

Mon. 5 pm - 7pm           

Regular practice with visitors/beginners welcome.

Handbell ringing during any of our scheduled times all weekend

Visitors are welcome.
Enter Mendenhall Performing Arts Center
at the Berenson Studio across from Sage Hall.


Mondays and Wednesdays
Mendenhall Bell Tower
5:00pm - 7:00pm
Handbell Change Ringing Tuesdays 12-1pm

All practices are open to new ringers and visitors.
Come for an hour, or for one or both whole practices.
Please check here for cancellations due to vacations.


1260 Plain Bob Doubles in 45m (8-2-11 in A)
1. Sarah Moriarty '72
2. Peggy Shannon
3. Kira Chase '17
4. Emily A Kaplan '16
5. Leland Paul Kusmer (c)
6. Nina Dabek
First local-band quarter peal since 1972.
First quarter: 1. First inside: 3. First inside in tower: 4. First as conductor.


5040 Plain Bob Triples, in 2 hours 54 minutes
1. Emily A. Kaplan '16
2. Geoffrey Davies
3. Leland Paul Kusmer
4. Tina Hitchings
5. Elaine M. Hansen
6. John Hitchings
7. Edward Futcher (c)
8. Kira Chase '17
First peal: 1,8. First in tower: 3.


If you are interested in learning to ring the bells at the Mendenhall Bell Tower, please contact Sarah McElhone Moriarty, Math ’72 at smoriart@smith.edu to arrange a visit to the tower. Visitors from other towers are welcome.
Please contact us in advance to be sure that practices are being held.