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Description of the Minor
This interdisciplinary minor provides students with a strong foundation in media arts and technology studies, while laying the groundwork for more advanced work in this area. Two primary strengths of the minor are the broad range of topics and approaches to which students are exposed, and the individualized nature of each studentís trajectory through the minor. The field of Arts & Technology is by nature diverse and rapidly changing, and therefore requires broad exposure, and self-direction and high motivation from the student. With careful and attentive advising, our students are able to navigate this complex field successfully, while developing the background and experience necessary for more advanced work.

General Requirements for the Minor
While each student’s path through the minor will be unique, all students must meet certain core requirements. The requirements are structured into three layers: a specific foundation level, a flexible intermediate level, and a culminating Special Studies. Students will take one or more of the foundation level courses to discover how technology is employed in various fields of art, to experience the process of art critique, and to identify the areas of creativity in which they are interested. The intermediate level courses provide a progressive interdisciplinary structure that guides students to embrace at least two disciplines, at increasingly advanced levels of artistic and technological stages. The sixth course is a Special Studies the student designs with her advisers. There are many exciting possibilities, including collaborations with other students, venues for public performances, exhibitions, and demonstrations, and publication. See examples from 2010.

Specific Requirements for the Minor
For more detailed information about the minor, see Minor Requirements & Courses or Contact Us.

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