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Arts and Technology Program



Six semester courses are required for the Arts and Technology minor: at least one foundational course, at least three intermediate courses, and a culminating Special Studies. Students will also be encouraged to utilize appropriate Five-College courses, and will design their intermediate course plan in consultation with an Arts & Technology Minor Adviser.

Foundational Courses

One or more Foundational Courses:

  • ARS 162 Introduction to Digital Media
  • CSC 106 / IDP 106 - Introduction to Computing and the Arts
  • THE 100 The Art of Theater Design

Intermediate Courses

There are a wide range of intermediate-level courses available from a variety of departments across campus. The following courses are only a subset of the available options. Students are encouraged to design their intermediate course plan in consultation with a Minor Adviser.

The minor requires at least three Intermediate Courses, from at least two different departments, at least two at the 200-level or above:

  • ENG 100 Engineering for Everyone
  • CSC 111 Computer Science I
  • CSC 112 Computer Science II
  • FYS 164 Issues in Artificial Intelligence
  • PHY 108 Optics is Light Work

  • MUS 205 Popular Music and Technology
  • PHY 224 Electronics
  • MTH 227 Topics in Modern Mathematics: Mathematical Sculptures
  • ARS 263 Intermediate Digital Media
  • CSC 240 Computer Graphics
  • THE 253 Lighting Design I
  • FLS 280 Introduction to Video Production
  • CSC 260 Programming Techniques for the Interactive Arts
  • CSC 290 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

  • MUS 345 Electro-Acoustic Music
  • CSC 354 Seminar in Digital Sound and Music Processing
  • ARS 361 Interactive Digital Multimedia
  • DAN 377 Expressive Technology and Movement
  • THE 318 Movements in Design

Culminating Special Studies

The culminating experience for the minor is a Special Studies on a topic approved by an Arts & Technology Minor Adviser:

  • 400 4-credit Special Studies

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