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Morning in Monesson, PA.
1983. C-print. Courtesy of the artist.
©2008 Jerome Liebling.

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Jerome Liebling (American, 1924-) has been influential as a photographer, filmmaker, and teacher.

Following his discharge from the army in 1946, Liebling studied design under the Bauhaus-inspired faculty at Brooklyn College. His early love of still photography was honed under the tutelage of Walter Rosenblum, former president of the famed New York social-documentary group the Photo League, and his eye for composition was nourished by faculty members such as Milton Brown, Burgoyne Diller, Ad Reinhardt, and Robert J. Wolf. These influences would drive Liebling’s practice—series of pristinely formal and socially-conscious images that speak directly and forcefully about change and continuity in America during the late 20th century.

Above all, Liebling continually reaffirms his interest in “real things” and the power of photography to “see:” to capture both visible and intangible aspects of our world. Jerome Liebling: Seeing Real Things allows viewers to rediscover the work of this important American photographer through a selection of 50 black-and-white and color photographs that span Liebling’s long and illustrious career.