Photographs by Stephen Petegorsky.

At a Glance

The Poetic Science exhibition contains 28 objects: 27 books, plus the alchemical furnace that Daniel E. Kelm uses to manipulate physical substances with high temperatures. Kelm's experiments and observations using this furnace both inform his work and contribute materials for the resulting objects.

This Website has been created in lieu of a traditional printed catalog to complement and document the exhibition. It contains Web-optimized versions of ten videos that are also being displayed in the exhibition space. These short films show the artist unpacking, assembling, and reconfiguring the objects. In many cases, Kelm also explains the inspiration behind, or symbolism of, his work. Because these books are meant to be handled and manipulated as part of the aesthetic experience—impossible in a typical gallery setting—the movies provide an important additional dimension to the installation.

>> checklist of all 28 works featured in Poetic Science
>> preview the ten videos

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