Daniel E. Kelm. American, 1951–
Acrylic- and paste-colored paper, colored pencil, and wire edge accordion binding. Collection of Daphne Lowell and Peter Geraty.
Photographs by Daniel E. Kelm.

Geraty/Lowell Wedding Book

This guest book was created for the wedding of Kelm’s friends, bookbinder Peter Geraty and Hampshire College Professor of Dance and Movement Studies Daphne Lowell. In search of inspiration prior to creating the book, Kelm asked the couple for particulars about their ceremony. One key motif was the matching silk stoles the couple planned to wear. Following the wedding and throughout their marriage, Geraty and Lowell intended to add significant symbols and talismans to these stoles to represent the history of their life together. This potent image inspired Kelm’s wedding book, which can be extended into a hanging stole shape as seen here.

This project was the first to feature wire edge binding, Kelm’s innovative flexible hinging system that forms a key component of his later work. It was during the creation of this book that Kelm also realized the potential of wire edge binding to create free standing sculptural shapes. 

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