Daniel E. Kelm, Wilbur Schilling, and David Ford
Kelm: American, 1951-; Schilling: American, 1962-; Ford: American, 1967–

Text by Rick Moody. Letterpress and offset on paper with anodized aluminum, canvas, laser cut and marked duplex plastic, resin coated cloth, scribed glass, paperboard, Tyvek, magnets and various collected artifacts. Published by Danger Books, Santa Monica, California. Produced with the assistance of Erin Clay Nelson, Meg Sanders, Sammy Lee, Julia Welles, Rory Sparks, and other mechanics at the Wide Awake Garage. Courtesy of Daniel E. Kelm. Video by Kevin Derose and Jeff Derose, One Match Films.

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Surplus Value Books:
Catalogue Number 13


This intricate collaboration is an expanded treatment of a text originally published by Rick Moody and David Ford as an artist’s book in 1999. Taking the form of a bookseller’s catalogue, Moody’s novella (which is also reprinted in his 2000 collection Demonology) lays bare the fragile psyche of its narrator, whose fractured and overwrought book descriptions often veer into personal territory, returning particularly to his obsession with a college classmate, Anna Feldman.

The deluxe edition includes corrected page proofs of the text, complete with “hand corrections” by the author (reproduced typographically by Wilbur “Chip” Schilling) and sections that appear to have been manually “whited out.” Each item in the portfolio supports the text of the story—from the straightjacket that holds the book and the narrator’s “release papers” from a private mental hospital, to the a collection of objects that relate directly to the entries (including a Star Wars action figure, Scrabble tiles, and a baseball card.)

The text is aptly described by Hadley-based bookseller Ken Lopez: "Moody has created a hilarious and touching self-contained world where the values accorded to the items for sale (dollars) and the values inherent in them (significance, artistry, passion) are in running comic contrast."

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