Daniel E. Kelm and Timothy C. Ely
Kelm: American, 1951–; Ely: American, 1949–

Acrylic and ink on paper, acrylic polymer medium mixed with sand, collage, etched brass, silver leaf, brass beads, stainless steel wire, felt, brass tubing, thread, and wire edge binding. Collection of Earl M. Collier, Jr. Photographs by Daniel E. Kelm.


Rubeus is one of sixteen figures in astrological geomancy, an ancient method of divination. Related to fire, the god Mars, and the color red, Rubeus is a malevolent and consuming force, associated with danger, passion, and destruction.

The compact form of this book belies its ability for transformation. The flexible wire edge binding allows the concave structure to either fold into itself or break apart when free of the pins that hold it together. These qualities of implosion and explosion, coupled with Timothy Ely’s runic “writings,” create a mysterious and inviting object that reveals itself further through movement.

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