Daniel E. Kelm and Sarah Peter
Kelm: American, 1951–; Peter: American, 20th century

Inkjet printing on Hammermill Laserprint paper bound in Shaeffer black pen casing with brass hinges and wire edge binding. Housed in cloth pocket with plastic pocket protector. Edition of 125. Produced with the assistance of Greta D. Sibley and the mechanics at the Wide Awake Garage. Courtesy of Daniel E. Kelm. Photographs by Daniel E. Kelm.

Pen in Hand

The medium is the message in Pen in Hand. Containing twelve quotes about writing by authors ranging from Winston Churchill to Gloria Steinem, this diminutive book is bound within the outer casing of a commercially-made Schaeffer ink pen, and cleverly jacketed in a cotton shirt “pocket.” Thus, the act of reading becomes akin to the act of writing, as both are done “with pen in hand.”

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