Daniel E. Kelm and Pati Scobey
Kelm: American, 1951–; Scobey: American, 1949–

Relief etching, watercolor, ink, and collage on Rives BFK and Moriki paper, Edition copy 18/25. Etchings printed by Pati Scobey and Katherine Kuehn at Ricochet Works. Produced with the assistance of the Mechanics at the Wide Awake Garage. Courtesy of Steve Clay, Granary Books.
Photographs by Petegorsky/Gipe.

The Back of Time
August 1992

The Back of Time is an interactive journey into the core of a mythic and largely wordless environment populated by significant shapes, symbols, and figures. A jagged laser cut splits the book at the center, allowing it to unfold on both sides as well as both front and back. The work can be displayed as a three-dimensional sculpture or be experienced by turning the richly colored and illustrated board pages to discover Scobey's compelling cosmology.

Kelm’s binding fully animates this alternate world by permitting the viewer to tunnel into the book, experiencing each opening as a revelation of color and form. The board pages and wire edge binding allow the book to stand easily in a fanned out position, giving simultaneous access to all images and sides of the work. When the book is laid down and the left and right edges are pushed out, the laser cut middle opens into a crevice that reveals a layered topography. This is suggestive of the gradations of strata through time in places such as the Grand Canyon.

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