Curator‘s Comments

Nam June Paik’s international career encompassed avant-garde music, the neo-Dada Fluxus movement both in Europe and America, performance and action art, and mass media and technology-based arts. Internet Dweller:btjm.twelve.jhgd  belongs to a group of a dozen “internet dwellers” created by the artist to represent the millions who are united through the electronic thoroughfare of the internet. 

The face of this internet dweller is composed of three screens, the “eyes” and “mouth” of the sculpture, set in vintage television cabinets. It has a camera “nose,” clock “ears,” and a chandelier headdress.  The screens run an approximately 8-minute, synchronized video program of images without sound created using a system based on chance and then selected through later editing.  The video includes fleeting glimpses from a montage of landscapes, ancient monuments such as Stonehenge, Leonardo’sMona Lisaand other famous works of art, the artist Joseph Beuys, and an excerpt from a Paik/Charlotte Moorman performance piece. These and other images of Korean dancers and dolls, newspapers, talking heads, graphics, brand names, and television static and test patterns are layered, dissolved, and distorted as they flash through the visual field.






Internet Dweller: btjm.twelve.jhgd

Nam June Paik. American, born Korea, 1932–2006

Internet Dweller: btjm.twelve.jhgd, 1997

Two vintage television cabinets, three KEC 9-inch televisions (model 9BND), two clocks, circuit boards, fabric, electric light fixture

47 x 41 x 28 in. (119.4 x 104.1 x 71.1 cm)

Purchased with the Janet Wright Ketcham, class of 1953, Fund and the Beatrice Oenslager Chace, class of 1928, Fund. © Nam June Paik.

ID Number: SC 1998:18