Past Exhibitions

Younès Rahmoun: Habba (Seed)

Green Room

Plastic Entanglements: Ecology, Aesthetics, Materials

archival treasures: representing black subjects 

Taj Diffenbaugh Worley

Rinko Kawauchi: Seeing Shadow 

Lauren Greenfield: Girl Culture

No Man's Land: Prints from the Front Lines of WWI

Becoming a Woman in the Age of Enlightenment

Inas Halabi: Letters to Fritz and Paul

The Many Faces of Womanhood in East Asia

To Trace for to Carry

Bodies on Screen: Videos from the SCMA Collection

体 Modern Images of the Body from East Asia

Flowering Stars: Prints by Dwight Pogue

This Could be Us, You, or Anybody Else: Modern and Contemporary South and Southeast Asian Art at Smith


Cinematic Re/Play: Bodies in Zhang Peili's Videos

Chinese Shan-Shui Tattoo

Color and Heat: Pan-American Works from the AGPA Collection

A Dangerous Woman: Subversion & Surrealism in the Art of Honoré Sharrer

Japanese Lacquer in the Collection of Dr. Elizabeth E. Force

About Face: People, Animals, and Mythical Beings in Islamic Art

A History of Handwork: Photographs from the SCMA Collection

Leisure and Luxury in the Age of Nero: The Villas of Oplontis near Pompeii

Words and Images in Chinese Culture

The Hilary Tolman, class of 1987, Collection of Twentieth-Century Japanese Prints

When in Rome: Prints & Photographs, 1550–1900

Eric Avery: AIDS WORK

The Lay of the Land: Contemporary Landscapes from the Collection

Dislocation | Negotiating Identity: Contemporary Photographs from South and Southeast Asia

Käthe Kollwitz’s Women and War

Uncanny Valley: Portraits of the Almost-Human

Dislocation/Urban experience: Contemporary Photographs from East Asia

Women's Work: Feminist Art from the Collection

Mary Bauermeister: The New York Decade

Figure and Image: The Selma Erving Collection 

Tara Donovan MOIRÉ

Bow Down: Queens in Art

The Eye is a Door: Landscape Photographs by Anne Whiston Spirn

Framework X

Art Stories: Personal Experiences with SCMA’s Collection

Framework IX: Restoring the Boundaries

River of Gold: Precolumbian Treasures from Sitio Conte

Look at Me, Me, Me!

Eye on the Street

Summer of Love

Collecting Art of Asia

Less is More: The Minimal Print


Drawn to Excellence

Frameworks VIII

Image and After-Image: Whistler and Photography

outside the [box]

Jay Bolotin: The Jackleg Testament

Shared Inspiration: The Muriel K. and David R. Pokross Collection

Debussy's Paris: Art, Music & Sounds of the City

Susan Heideman: Animalmineralvegetable

Pursuing Beauty

Andrea Fraser Acquisition

Jerome Liebling Remembered

Crosscurrents: Art of the Southeastern Congo

Transcending Boundaries: The Art and Legacy of Tang China

El Muro: Photographs by Eduardo Hernández Santos

Frameworks VII: Restoring the Boundaries

Roman Signer: 56 Small Helicopters (56 Kleine Helikopter)

LA Style: Printmaking at Gemini G.E.L., 1966–1976

Surface Tension

Tim Davis: Upstate New York Olympics (2010–11)

Susan Hiller: The Last Silent Movie

Whitfield Lovell