Gallery Talk: Defiant Vision: Prints & Poetry of Munio Makuuchi

  • Friday, October 25, 2019
  • Museum of Art, 2–3pm
  • Join Aprile Gallant, Associate Director of Curatorial Affairs and Senior Curator and
    Floyd Cheung, Professor of English Language and Literature and American Studies
    for a tour of this timely new exhibition. In 2005, Professor Cheung became aware of the
    poetry and art of Munio Makuuchi and shared his knowledge and curiosity with Aprile Gallant.
    This exhibition marks their decade-long collaboration, as well as their work with Smith students,
    to bring Makuuchi's work to public attention. Born in Seattle in 1934, Makuuchi and his family
    were among 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry confined to incarceration camps during WWII.
    This childhood experience would be a catalyst for Makuuchi's art as well as his rootless existence.
    During his tumultuous life, Makuuchi was consistently shaped by challenges, yet the more
    obstacles he faced, the more defiantly he pursued his vision.
    (Meet in the exhibition gallery, first floor)