Rights and Usage

Educational, Personal, and other Noncommercial Uses

The Smith College Museum of Art posts site content to provide an educational resource for the public. All text, images, and technology remain the property of the Museum, or of third parties, and are used by permission and are in all cases protected by copyright. Content may be downloaded freely from the database for research, educational, and personal purposes. The Museum encourages noncommercial use of the content contained here, but requests that the institution that owns the work be both cited and notified.

Examples of permitted uses include but are not limited to: academic papers, research not meant for publication, classroom use by educators, noncommercial presentations, and individual enjoyment.


Copyright to all site content is held by the Smith College Museum of Art when not retained by artists or their representatives under current copyright laws. Unauthorized use of content from this site is strictly prohibited. When the source is cited, fair personal, educational, and other noncommercial use of content is usually permitted. You must always contact the museum if you wish to use it for commercial or editorial purposes, or for any kind of reproduction or distribution.

Copyright Corrections

If you own the copyright to art that has been posted on the website or included in the collections database without proper permission, with incorrect credit information, or with improper adherence to terms arranged between your representatives and the Museum, please contact us at artmuseum@smith.edu. The Museum strives to adhere to correct usage practices and will remove or modify any information it has posted inappropriately.

Printing Images and Graphics

Although graphics and reproductions of artwork on this site may look smooth and clear on your screen, pixelation will become apparent if printed on paper. This is because the maximum resolution of a computer monitor is far less than what the eye can detect on paper. To obtain a high quality reproduction of a work you see on the Web site, try the online store or contact the Museum at artmuseum@smith.edu. Note that all images that appear on this site are protected by copyright of the artist, the Smith College Museum of Art, or other bodies and may not be used without permission.

Obtaining a Reproduction

For posters, postcards, and catalogues, please visit the Museum Shop.

Transparencies, Slides, Scans

If you'd like to obtain a high-resolution scan of a work of art from the collections of the Smith College Museum of Art, please contact Deborah Diemente, Collections Manage/Registrar.

When you contact the Museum to request your image, please be prepared to supply the following information:

  • Name of the artist
  • Title of the work (or accession number)
  • Desired format (not all images are available in all formats)
  • Intended use

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