Schedule a Visit

The Cunningham Center houses the Museum’s collection of prints, drawings, photographs, and artist’s and illustrated books. Visitors are welcome to consult the staff and ask to view objects currently in storage. All members of the Cunningham Center staff are happy to assist you. Contact the Center

How to Schedule a Visit

E-mail the Cunningham Center at with the date and time you prefer to visit.

You may search the collection online to select works you'd like to see.

  • Use the drop down menu and select Smith College in both the Keyword Search and the Advanced Search to secure access to only the Smith College Collection.

E-mail the list of what you'd like to see (include the object number, artist's name, and title, for up to fifteen works of art per visit) to If you can't find what you want, or you'd rather have our staff make selections for you, we'd be more than happy to help. Please e-mail us or call 413.585.2764.

Policies of the Cunningham Center

  1. Please check big items (larger than 8” x 15” x 18”) in the coat room. For example, we ask that you check baby carriers with metal supports, backpacks, large bags, and umbrellas, unless items are needed for study (laptop, notepad, clipboard).
  2. Please use only pencils, paper, and laptops; no ink pens are allowed.
  3. Please do not bring food (including gum and cough drops) or drinks into the Cunningham Center.
  4. Never touch the works of art. They can be irreparably damaged by incorrect handling, or from exposure to perspiration and oils in the skin. The Cunningham Center staff is always available to move artworks for visitors, if necessary.
  5. Please try to stay at least six inches away from the artworks; do not allow jewelry or loose clothing to dangle over the art.
  6. Please only use your finger to point at an object, not sharp objects such as pencils.
  7. If you must sneeze or cough, please do so away from the works of art.
  8. Please do not sit or lean on the Cunningham Center tables. Chairs or camp stools are available upon request.