Print Workshop

The Smith College Print Workshop is an annual program that brings prominent visual artists and master printers to the studio classroom to collaborate on a limited-edition print. Participants have the rare opportunity to see art being made.

Students and the general public may observe both the creative process of a wide variety of nationally known artists and the complex give-and-take between artist and master printer. In addition to observing the development of a print over the course of several days, students are given an invaluable opportunity to assist with the making of a print.

A limited number of prints from each workshop is made available for sale, with proceeds funding future workshops. Please contact the Museum Shop for more information. 

Print Workshop 2015 Price List

Master Printers

Printmaking Terms

At top: Artist Barbara Takenaga and master printer Peter Pettengill working on Day for Night in the shop.

April 4-6, 2012.