By Appointment

There is no better way to develop an appreciation for works on paper than to experience, in person and close up, objects of your own choosing. The natural light available in the Cunningham Center (which is UV-filtered for the objects' safety) provides excellent visibility, allowing visitors to see an incredible range of detail. Make an appointment and discover the power and pleasure of learning from original prints, drawings, photographs, and illustrated books.

Student Picks Exhibitions

Each year students are chosen by lottery to select and display their own exhibition of up to ten works from the Museum’s collection of prints, drawings, and photographs. Visit the Cunningham Center, 12-4 PM on the first Friday of each month for the Student Picks exhibition. Click here for more information.

Nixon Gallery

Rotating selections from the SCMA's works-on-paper collection are on view in the Nixon Gallery, which is adjacent to the Cunningham Center on the Museum’s second floor.