Talk Back: Art in Conversation

This space, on the lower level of the Museum, is dedicated to building dialogue around a work of art. When visiting, we invite you to contribute by writing, drawing, or posing a question—anything goes!

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On View: Kara Dunne

Aug dul sios an staighre (She’s going down stairs)

October 16, 2018–February 10, 2019

In this video, artist Kara Dunne pokes serious fun at princess culture, domesticity, and the cult of youth into which girls and women are so often conscripted. Stern-faced, the artist dons white gloves, pearls, and a dress the color of Pepto-Bismol as she hurries down an ever-changing and never ending set of stairs.

Dunne filmed the first part of the video in multiple historic houses throughout Providence, RI. In 2014, she decided to make it an ongoing, lifelong project. She adds a new staircase every six months so that viewers will watch her age as she makes her descent.

This exhibition is supported by the Suzannah J. Fabing Programs Fund for the Smith College Museum of Art and organized by Emma Chubb, Charlotte Feng Ford ’83 Curator of Contemporary Art.


Image: Kara Dunne, Aug dul sios an staighre (She’s going down stairs). 2008; 2014–present, single-channel video, 7:52 minutes, dimensions variable (artwork © Kara Dunne, image provided by Kara Dunne). Courtesy of the artist.