Younès Rahmoun: Habba (Seed)

July 12–October 6, 2019

Younès Rahmoun’s artworks transform the familiar objects, motifs, and materials that he collects and observes in his daily life into spaces that invite contemplation and meditation. An animation created from 99 drawings,Habba (Seed)reflects on life cycles to end where it begins: a richly textured black circle that slowly collapses into itself, transforming into a seed that glows green.

In Rahmoun’s words, “This animation tells the story of a seed that travels in space in search of an ideal place to grow. It meets the Element that gives it life, then roots and branches begin to appear, until, after a while, they fill the seed’s exterior space. Then, fruits begin to emerge. Next, the seeds leave with the wind in search of a new space to develop and bear fruit, and the cycle comes full circle.”


Image: Younès Rahmoun,Habba (Seed), 2008-11. Video animation, 7 minutes. Purchased with the Carol Ramsay Chandler Fund.