Natural Forces, Natural Wonders

The natural world is in constant flux, in cycles of growth, decay, and regeneration.  Powerful forces of destruction are recorded by photographer Frank Gohlke in the devastation of the landscape surrounding Mount Saint Helens after its eruption in 1980.   In contrast, Peter Coffin explores the beauty of rainbows in a wheel of photographs that join separate images of rainbows in concentric spirals.  Water can replenish and sculpt—or flood--the landscape.  Alumna artist Joellyn Duesberry realistically portrays a cavern with waterfalls in New York State, while Pat Steir recreates falling water in an abstract spill of white against black in the print Small Vertical Falls.  Sculptor Bryan Hunt captures the movement of water in bronze by isolating and silhouetting the flow.


Image: Joellyn Duesberry.  American, born 1944. Cavern with Waterfalls, New York (The Stone Church, Wassaic, near Millbrook, 2004). 2004. Oil on linen. Gift of Joellyn Duesberry. SC 2015:54