Bodies in Transformation

Contemporary artists are no longer bound by geographical or racial perimeters. Expanding beyond anthropologically “Asian” elements, the artists have explored the formal properties and creative potential of the human body in a variety of ways.

In some instances, they zoom in on certain bodily parts and use them as sources of inspiration for intriguing pictorial, photographic, or sculptural compositions. Others play with metamorphic processes of the human form, capturing hybrid or gender-fluid bodies. Yet in other examples, they focus on the performative aspect of the body, and traces of physical movements through space become the subject matter of their artwork. Some artists go as far as to make cyborgs or machine-bodies that are only half-human or non-human in shape. These artistic creations seek to transcend corporeal boundaries and question human-centric views of the world.


Image: PAN Xinglei. Born China, 1969. Rubber Man, 2000. Polyurethane and paint. 64 1/2 x 18 x 6 1/2 in. (163.8 x 45.7 x 16.5 cm). Gift of Joan Lebold Cohen, class of 1954, in honor of her 50th reunion