Dayanita Singh

Dayanita Singh is a New Delhi-based artist who has published more than a dozen photographic books and whose photographs are exhibited and collected worldwide. She studied at both the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad in India and the International Center of Photography in New York; her work moves fluidly across national boundaries.

Singh’s photographs fuse documentary and literary modalities. While she packs her individual images with complex human emotion, she also works poetically with sequences of images, producing visual “novels.” 

The photographs shown in this exhibition come from a series of images made in the homes of wealthy Indian families, many of them published in 2003 in a book titled Privacy. In this project she investigated how her subjects inhabit their domestic spaces, what these spaces say about who they are, and what can be understood about the wider society from images of these families.

The homes she photographed, and the people and objects in them, evoke rich histories at the personal, national and transnational levels. These images give a glimpse into the way these individuals negotiate family, tradition and modernity.