Images of Prints: 1950–2013

The later twentieth and early twenty-first centuries have witnessed a dramatic expansion of subjects and media explored through contemporary graphics in Asia, with artists producing works that are both culturally specific, yet globally relevant. This dynamism is reflected in the Museum’s growing collection of contemporary prints

This installation in Sacerdote Gallery on the main floor of the Museum features prints by artists from Japan, China, Korea, and Pakistan created between 1950 and the present day. Although not a comprehensive survey of this period, this selection of works represents major moments and practitioners in the recent history of printmaking, charting the changing aesthetic of contemporary graphics.

This display includes significant examples of sosaku-hanga, Japan’s Creative Print Movement, which sought to reform the traditional approach to printmaking and introduce modern subjects.  Key gifts in this area made in the 1970s by Professor Priscilla Van der Poel (class of 1928) and collector Maxine Weil Kunstadter (class of 1924) have been recently complemented by a major gift of prints by Sekino Jun’ichiro from Lucio and Joan Noto.

Gifts from The Tolman Collection, the largest publishers of contemporary print editions in Japan, and Pace Prints and Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, who co-published a series of prints by important artists in China, have significantly enriched SCMA’s collection of Asian prints, allowing the Museum to explore more fully the ongoing world-wide influence of the medium.

Image: Yue Minjun. Chinese, born 1962. The Grassland Series Woodcut 1 (Diving Figure), 2008. Woodcut on medium weight, lightly textured cream wove paper. Gift of Pace Editions Incorporated and Ethan Cohen Fine Arts courtesy of Ann and Richard Solomon (Ann Weinbaum, class of 1959) and Ethan Cohen.