Bodies on Screen: Videos from the SCMA Collection

May 11–September 2, 2018

This selection of videos complements the current special exhibition on the first floor, 体 Modern Images of the Body from East Asia, and highlights body-themed works by Asian artists in SCMA’s new media collection.

Chien-Chi Chang’s China Town focuses on the family bonds of undocumented Chinese workers in New York across two decades, meditating on immigrant life through movement of bodies across continents and within the American labor system.

In A Beggar Woman—Cairo, Kimsooja’s performance explores the way the public interacts with aberrant bodies – those that are disabled, elderly, itinerant, or otherwise “undesirable” by normative standards.

Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook’s Village and Elsewhere: Artemisia Gentileschi’s Judith Beheading Holofernes, Jeff Koons’ Untitled, and Thai Villagers is a comical and localized interrogation of the way the body is represented in western art.

Kyung Woo Han’s Green Room presents a life-size optical illusion in which the artist uses his own body to toy with perception and notions of objectivity.

In The Birth of RMB City, Cao Fei constructs a virtual environment on the internet platform, Second Life, and considers the way avatars function as extensions of the human body.

— Shanice Bailey ‘17, Brown Post-Baccalaureate Curatorial Fellow



Images (clockwise from left): Kimsooja. Born South Korea, 1957. A Beggar Woman—Cairo. 2000–2001. Single-channel video, 8:52 min. Purchased with the gift of Jungkoo An and Ae Young Han, in honor of their daughter, Sabina An, class of 2016; an anonymous gift; and funds from the Contemporary Associates. CAO Fei. Born China, 1978. The Birth of RMB City. 2009. Single-channel video, 10:30 min. Purchased with the gift of The Contemporary Associates, SCMA. Kyung Woo HAN. Born South Korea, 1979. Green Room. 2009. Single-channel video, 6:20 min. Purchased. Araya RASDJARMREARNSOOK. Born Thailand, 1957. Village and Elsewhere: Artemisia Gentileschi’s Judith Beheading Holofernes, Jeff Koons’ Untitled, and Thai Villagers. 2011. Single-channel video, 19:40 min. Purchased with the Joan Lebold Cohen, class of 1954, Asian Art Acquisition Fund. Chien-Chi CHANG. Born Taiwan, 1961. China Town. 1992–2011. Single-channel video, 19:23 min. Purchased