• Behind the Facade: Abstraction and Lyonel Feininger’s Gables I, Lüneburg

    By examining Lyonel Feininger’s Gables I, Lüneburg, students will come to understand the concept of “abstraction.” Using photographs of real buildings and Feininger’s ideas, they will create their own abstract artworks.

  • The Power of Paint: Diego Rivera and the Role of the Artist in Communities

    Students will examine Diego Rivera’s Self-portrait and Market Scene, using the works as a basis for understanding Rivera’s political ideals and mission to instill historical awareness and pride in indigenous Mexican culture through art. Students will then make self-portraits that illustrate their own cultural background.

  • The History of All: Whitfield Lovell’s Kin XXXII and Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise”

    Students will analyze and discuss Whitfield Lovell’s work Kin XXXII (Run Like the Wind) in tandem with a poem by another contemporary African American artist, Maya Angelou. They will then use their ideas to write imaginary journal entries for the woman in Lovell’s work.