Painting, Sculpture and Mixed Media

  • Ancestral Spirit Chair

    Betye Saar. American, born 1926

    Ancestral Spirit Chair, 1992

    Painted wood branches, glass, bones, plastic, metal and dried creeper vine

    Purchased with the proceeds from the sale of a work donated by Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Rittmaster (Sylvian Goodkind, class of 1937) in 1958 and with funds realized from the sale of a work donated by Adeline Flint Wing, class of 1898, and Caroline Roberta Wing, class of 1896, in 1961

    ID Number: SC 1992:42a-c

  • Paper Poem Torso (Exhilaration Is Within)

    Lesley Dill. American, Born 1950

    Paper Poem Torso (Exhilaration Is Within), 1993

    Mixed media with thread on rice paper

    Purchased with the Janet Wright Ketcham, class of 1953, Acquisition Fund

    ID Number: SC 1994:16

  • La Danse

    Robert Motherwell. American, 1915–1991

    La Danse, 1952

    Oil on canvas

    Purchased with the gift of Jane Chace Carroll, class of 1953 and Eliot Chace Nolen, class of 1954, and gift of the Dedalus Foundation

    ID Number: SC 1995:7-1

  • Stephen Antonakos Ruby Yellow Neon

    Stephen Antonakos. American, born Greece, 1926

    Ruby and Yellow Neon, 1967

    Glass tubes, neon, metal box and electrical components, on custom-made base

  • Torso

    Jean Hans Arp. French, 1896–1966

    Torso, 1953

    White marble on polished black marble base

    Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Colin (I. Georgia Talmey, class of 1928)

    ID Number: SC 1956:13

  • 18 Rows

    Mary Bauermeister. German, Born 1934

    18 Rows, 1962-1968

    Pebbles and epoxy on linen-covered board

    Gift of Dorothy C. Miller (Mrs. Holger Cahill), class of 1925

    ID Number: SC 1972:1

  • Man in Abstract Suit

    Viola Frey. American, 1933–2004

    Man in Abstract Suit, 1988

    Polychromed ceramic

    Gift of Jean Freiberg Bloch, class of 1945

    ID Number: SC 2008:32 (1-20)

  • Spells and Incantations

    Jane Hammond. American, Born 1950

    Spells and Incantations, 2007

    Seven color lithograph with silkscreen, gold leaf, and chine collé on heavyweight paper

    Printed by Bud Shark, Shark’s Ink

    Purchased with the Janice Carlson Oresman, class of 1955, Fund

    ID Number: SC 2008:12

  • The Blessing on Wedding Day (La Bendición en el Día de la Boda)

    Carmen Lomes Garza. American, born 1948

    The Blessing on Wedding Day (La Bendición en el Día de la Boda), 1993

    Alkyd on canvas

    Purchased with the Josephine A. Stein, class of 1927, Fund in honor of the class of 1927

    ID Number: SC 1995:31

  • Untitled

    Joan Mitchell. American, 1926–1992

    Untitled, c. 1960

    Oil on canvas

    Purchased with the gift of Mrs. John W. O’Boyle (Nancy Millar, class of 1952)

    ID Number: SC 1981:30

  • Damascus Gate (Variation III)

    Frank Stella. American, born 1936

    Damascus Gate (Variation III), 1969

    Polymer and fluorescent polymer paint on canvas

    Gift of the artist

    ID Number: SC 1969:76