Membership/Support Questions

  • I’ve lost my membership card. What should I do?
    Please call the Membership Office at 413.585.2777 or e-mail. We will be happy to issue you a new card.
  • When I signed up for membership, why did I receive a letter from Smith College thanking me for my gift, but did not receive a membership card?
    When you become a member of SCMA, your membership dues are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law. You receive a gift receipt from Smith College immediately after your membership dues are received, and your membership packet is mailed shortly thereafter.
  • How do I upgrade my membership?
    You can easily upgrade your membership and take advantage of additional member benefits. Please indicate “membership upgrade” on your payment. Upgrades to current memberships can only be made within the first nine months of membership. After nine months, membership payments are regarded as renewals. Click here.
  • How do I take advantage of my Museum Shop member discount?
    All members receive a 10 percent discount at the Museum Shop. (Just present your current membership card.) This discount applies to in-person, telephone, and online Museum Shop purchases. Members also receive a 20 percent discount, with membership card, at our annual Members’ Double-Discount Days at the Museum Shop. 
  • I want to increase my support of SCMA. How do I make a gift to the Museum in addition to my membership dues?
    The Museum is grateful for the support received from its donors and members. You can increase your support of the Museum by raising your membership level or making an additional gift to any of our special initiatives or to the annual appeal.
  • How do I update my address for Museum mailings?
    Email or call the Membership Office at 413.585.2777.
  • Do SCMA members also get benefits at other museums?
  • Yes, SCMA offers two reciprocal membership programs. All Museum members receive reciprocal membership privileges through the College and University Art Museums Reciprocal Program. SCMA Members at the “leader level” of membership or above also receive reciprocal membership privileges at more than thirty additional museums nationwide as part of the Art Museum Reciprocal Network. Reciprocal privileges entitle SCMA Members to free admission to our reciprocal museums’ permanent collections and discounts in their museum stores. Ticketed exhibitions and special events are not included. Check with individual member museums for exact privileges.