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Ruth and Clarence Kennedy Professorship in Renaissance Studies

The Ruth and Clarence Kennedy Endowment at Smith College was established in 1973 to honor two emeritus members of the faculty of the Department of Art, Ruth Wedgwood Kennedy and Clarence Kennedy who taught the art of the European Renaissance for more than three decades.

Since their interests embraced all academic disciplines focusing on the Renaissance, the professorship in their names has been held by visiting scholars in many departments at Smith, but especially in the Department of Art.

Those individuals holding the Kennedy Professorship in the Art are:

Charles Mitchell, 1974–75

John Coolidge, 1981–82

Hendrik W. van Os, 1987–88

George Kubler, 1989–90

Susan Donahue Kuretsky, 1991–92

Diane De Grazia, 1993–94

Larry Silver, 1994–95

Andrée Hayum, 1994–95

AnnaMaria Petrioli Tifani, 1997–98

Keith Christiansen, 1999–2000

Phyllis Pray Bober, 2001–02

James Saslow, 2003–04

Deborah Howard, 2005–06

Caroline Elam, 2007–08

Michael Bury, 2011–12

Suzanne Folds McCullagh, 2012–13

Helen Hills, 2014–15