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Capstone Seminar PrOjects

Taking the Archives Public: Online exhibits for teachers, students and researchers


In the capstone seminar for the Archives Concentration, ARX 340 Taking the Archives Public, students created online and glass case and exhibits of archival materials from the Sophia Smith Collection and College Archives. Two online exhibits are linked below. In addition seven glass case exhibits will be on display in the Sophia Smith Collection reading room through the Fall 2015.

Online Exhibits:


Olivia Sayah, Arise for Social Justice

Tanya Peters, Women of Rock Oral History Project

Olivia Ruiz, Smith’s Commencement Controversies

Megan Yeo's American Housedress Exhibit

Beth Williams "Major of Our Own A Herstory of Women's Studies at Smith

Kayla Ginsburg's On Our Backs with a Bad Attitudes