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Internships are an integral element of the Archives Concentration. Students will complete two internships (paid or supported by Praxis) that enable each student to acquire practical, first-hand knowledge of the professional work of archivists, curators, and archival researchers. Concentrators are eligible to receive a second summer of Praxis funding through Smith's Praxis Plus program. Students can also support internships through the Rosenthal Fund.

To count toward the concentration, an internship will

From a wide array of local, regional, national and international internships identified by the Concentration, students have responsibility for researching and securing appropriate internships.

Some other experiences such as working for faculty members in archival projects through CFCD grants or Quigley fellowships may also qualify as one of the two "practical experiences."

Practical Experiences Approval Form (PDF)

Supervisor Evaluation Form (PDF)

If you already completed one or more practical experiences (internships, paid or volunteer work) before entering the Archives Concentration program, you are still eligible to receive credit for these experiences.

You will need to document your experience as follows:

  1. Complete the Practical Experience Approval Form (PDF) with your concentration adviser
  2. Submit Superviser Evaluation (PDF)
  3. Write a reflection paper (about two pages) that addresses the following questions:

Examples of On-campus and local opportunities

Praxis opportunities throughout the U.S.

Digital archives

International internships

Editing projects underway in archival collections