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Archives Concentration


Fall deadline: October 26, 2018

Spring Deadline: March 29, 2019

The Archives Concentration will be elected by participating students instead of a second major or a minor as an interdisciplinary strategy that enables them to combine coursework beyond the major with practical experiences, and to engage in career exploration. Accepted students will choose (or be assigned to) an adviser who will oversee the progress through the program and approve internships

A maximum of 15 concentrators are admitted from every class year. You will be notified of your acceptance before fall preregistration.



Full Name
Class Year
Expected Major
Major Adviser

Statement of Interest

It’s helpful to the Advisory Committee to hear why the Archives Concentration interests you. Using the prompts below, could you describe why you'd like to join the Archives concentration and where you hope it will lead you at Smith or beyond. Feel free to share your aspirations even if it’s not clear specifically how you will achieve them; however, as many specifics as you can provide will aid us in helping you tailor the program to meet your goals

In 250 to 500 words, describe how the Archives Concentration will fit into your overall Smith experience and how it relates to your future goals:

  • Describe one specific experience (in or outside of the classroom) that informs your desire to participate in the Concentration.    If the experience was a visit to or work in the archives, for example, can you zero in on a particular insight from that experience  and why it mattered to you?

  • What kinds of practical experiences with archives  or rare books do you want to pursue and what do you hope to learn from them?



List any courses or practical experiences in the concentration you have already completed.
(See approved courses and electives)

Course Number & Title
(e.g., ARX 140 Exploring the Archives)
Semester/Year Completed
(e.g., Interterm 2010)
Archival Practical Experience
(Include location, supervisor and a brief description)


Along with this application, please send a PDF of your "unofficial" transcript, which you can download from BannerWeb, by e-mail attachment to Archives Concentration Director Kelly Anderson kpanders@smith.edu