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Smith College East Asian Studies Program

Smith College African Studies

Smith College Latin American Studies

Smith College Environmental Science and Policy

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Five College African Studies

Five College Center for East Asian Studies

University of Massachusetts Amherst Anthropology Department

Mount Holyoke College Anthropology Department

The Five College Culture, Health, and Science Program
offers a certification program geared toward undergraduates, internship opportunities, certification for interdisciplinary work, and guest speakers.

Ethnographic Research and Fieldwork Ethics

Training for Informed Consent

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Smith College Library

American Anthropological Association Resources Page

Library of Congress

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Physical Anthropology

Anthropology Blog

The Best of Anthropology Blogging
Culls the best and most popular work of anthropology blogs. Together these blogs cover all four fields, as well as topics in applied, critical, media and medical anthropology.

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ACRA-L: American Cultural Resourses Association
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ANTHRO-L: Anthropology in genera
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COSWA-L: Women in anthropology
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MUSEUM-L: Museum Discussion List Archive
Jobs appear frequently Museum-L archive

SHOVELBUMS: Cultural Resource Management
List that keeps you up to date on archaeological fieldwork and jobs— visit the site for information on subscribing to the shovelbums mailing list


Current Anthropology

Journal of Political Ecology

Societies and Associations

The American Anthropological Association
Make sure you visit the academic relations section, where there is information on undergraduate research grants and fieldschool opportunities.

The Society for American Archaeology
This site has information on graduate programs and career oportunities.

Association for Feminist Anthropology

Institute of Human Origins

New England Association of Oral History

Society for Medical Anthropology

Other Resources

Worldwide Email Directory of Anthropologists

Nerd World Anthropology