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Smith interns with Smithsonian Secretary Wayne Clough (center) and Under Secretary for History, Art and Culture Richard Kurin (right)

Student Testimonials

"The D.C. Smithsonian program was such an incredible opportunity to exercise real life application of my studies at Smith. Everyone with whom I had the privilege of working at the Smithsonian was enthusiastic, helpful, and ensured that my experience was memorable and meaningful."

Sylvie Wise, ‘17

"My semester in Washington, DC on the Smithsonian Program was a wonderful experience and I am sure I will remember it as one of my best semesters at Smith. I loved the liveliness of DC, my fantastic supervisor, and the incredible Smith students I became friends with during this unique program. My internship afforded me the opportunity to delve deep into a project that challenged me and pushed me to grow in ways I could not have expected before this experience. This semester also taught me to be more grateful for life back on Smith's campus."

Samantha Page, ‘17

"I really enjoyed the program. I learned so much about museum work, how to research, and live in a city. I highly recommend it."

Laura Grant, ‘17

"The Smithsonian Internship Program is an opportunity like no other. You have access to some of the most knowledgeable people in the field and the abundance of primary resources available at the institution. I worked very closely with my supervisors on projects I otherwise would never had the opportunity to as an undergraduate, and did research and work that really mattered to the Smithsonian American Art Museum, which was the museum I interned in." 

Candace Kang, ‘13

"Working at the Smithsonian was one of the highlights of my junior year. Not only did I have the privilege of working with and learning from curators across multiple departments but I also had the opportunity to have hands on experience with many aspects of behind-the-scenes museum work such as cataloging, data entry, and exhibit planning. The Smithsonian, especially the National Museum of American History, provides an extremely welcoming community for interns. I now have much more insight into my career goals and can definitely see myself applying to work at the Smithsonian in the future."

Janna Singer-Baefsky, ‘13

“I learned about the Smithsonian, the museum world, and myself during my semester in Washington. I made some incredible connections and conclusions that I could not have made anywhere else, and I draw on that knowledge every day.”

Elaura Dunning ‘12

”The Smithsonian program is an amazing opportunity to live in DC with all it has to offer, while studying under passionate scholars. You will learn a lot about fast-paced city-life, the world of academics, and yourself.”

Megan Porter ‘11

If I could sum up my Smithsonian internship experience in one word, that word would be 'accessibility.' To meet and interact with historians, curators, archivists, directors and artists was an unbelievable opportunity. Having accessibility to primary sources that date back to the 1600s, direct contact with historians knowledgeable about my research, and the support and guidance of Smith alumnae in the museum world was invaluable to my further scholarly development and helped me to better define my goals for graduate school. There is a tangible correlation between the Smith classroom experience and 'real world' activities as a Smithsonian intern.

Lori Harris '10

The Smithsonian internship not only allowed me to form relationships with people who share my passions and interests, but it also allowed me to learn about myself and my capabilities. It inspired me to move back to Washington, D.C., after I graduate.

Caitlin Gleason '09

For my Smithsonian internship I was assigned to work at the National Air and Space Museum. I got to work with my supervisor on one of the books he was writing at the time called The Historical Atlas of Space Exploration. I did research finding images and even drew several of the maps and diagrams that will be included in the book. Although I didn't start out with a strong interest in space or science history, I thoroughly enjoyed working in the Space History department and got to learn from all of the people who work there. They all made it their responsibility to make this a valuable part of my education, and it really gave me an opportunity to learn a lot in an area that I otherwise wouldn't have.

Meleta Buckstaff '09

One thing that particularly struck me was the diversity of the [museum] staff in terms of areas of interest and fields of study. I had expected that most would come from art history backgrounds but was impressed to see that many did not... I am truly thankful for such a gratifying experience... In a world where interns often run out for coffee and are otherwise ignored, I could not have asked for a better work environment.

Smith Intern, '05