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About the Program

Fall 2012 Interns

A unique offering among all American colleges and universities, Smith's Internship Program at the Smithsonian Institution allows qualified juniors and seniors to work with some of the nation's preeminent curators and scholars of American culture, doing hands–on research and program development.

The one–semester internship program is at one of the nineteen Smithsonian museums, where students assist in creating exhibitions and programming, conduct research with archival and museum materials, and work side–by–side with curators on a great range of projects. Students also enroll in a weekly seminar on museum studies conducted by an expert in the field, as well as a monthly colloquium in which they report on the progress of their personal research projects. These activities constitute a full–semester of course credit.

Because the Smithsonian Institution comprises so many museums, students from many different disciplines are encouraged to apply. Recent student research projects have dealt with such topics as the northward migration of African Americans, women's participation in sports, American participation in world's fairs, Charles Wilson Peale's papers, the rise of modernism in American art and the use of infant baby formula in the antebellum south.