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Director: Christen Mucher


Honors students write a thesis, usually 50 to 80 pages in length and based on original research. An honors thesis counts for two courses (8 credits) taken in either one or two semesters.

AMS Honors FAQs

Recent Theses

Some of the recently completed theses are:

"Politics as Cultural Work—The Health Security Act: Clinton's September 22, 1993, Congressional Address as a Cultural Text"

"Searching for Meaning in the Desert: Burning Man and the Culture of Consumption"

"Gloria Steinem and the Generation of Ms. Readers"

"Beyond Little Big Men and White Painted Ladies: An Inquiry into Race and Gender in Native American Film"

"Phillips as a Borderland: Contemporary Mexican Immigration to South Minneapolis"

"Home-Making and Nation-Building: The Interwar Origins of Federal Housing Policy"

"Rural Communities, Radical Roots: Northern New England's Modern Jewish Revival"

"The Aristocrats and the Plebes: Student Life and Experience in Cooperative Living at Smith College"

"This Ain't No 90210: Deviant Girlhood in Contemporary American Film and Literature"

"Culture, Contradiction and Chocolate: A History and Analysis of Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"

"Sisters in Arms: Pat Schroeder, Jane Harman—Inside and Outside the Culture of Congress"

"Household Angels, School Marms, and Deviant Professionals: Social Restriction and College Women's Agency, 1870–1920"

"A Bond as Close as Sisterhood Between Them: Women's Reconstruction of Support Networks on the Dakota Homesteading Frontier"

"Growing Up and Becoming a Woman in Louisa May Alcott's Little Women and Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House Series"