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Recommended Courses for AMS Credit

This list contains most, but not all, of the courses that can count toward American Studies. The list of courses is not meant to be exhaustive but rather to indicate the range of possibilities within the major. We encourage majors and prospective majors to discuss other possibilities with their advisers, or with the Director of the American Studies Program, Professor Michael Thurston, Seelye Hall #416, ext. 3385.

Students are especially encouraged to consider courses in Afro-American studies, and Latin American and Latino/a studies. In addition, students should explore the relevant offerings in the Five Colleges. Students are especially alerted to courses in the Five College Program in Asian/Pacific/American Studies, which are very likely to count toward the AMS major.


L Literarure
H Historical studies
S Social science
N Natural science
M Mathematics and analytic philosophy
A The arts
F A foreign language

Afro-American Studies

AAS 111 Introduction to Black Culture (S)

AAS 117 History of Afro-American People to 1960 (H)

AAS 155 Introduction to Black Women's Studies (H/S)

AAS 175 African American Literature 1900 to the Present (L)

AAS 202 Topics in Black Studies (L)

AAS 212 Family Matters: Representations, Policy and the Black Family (S)

AAS 245 The Harlem Renaissance (L)

AAS 278 The '60's: A History of Afro-Americans in the United States From 1954 to 1970 (H)

AAS 335 Seminar: Free Blacks in the U.S. Before 1865 (H)

American Studies

All courses count towards the major except AMS 100 and AMS 102.


Some courses in anthropology may count toward the major, depending on the student's focus. Anthropology courses provide an excellent way to fulfill the "explicit comparison" requirement.


ARH 264 Arts in North America: Colonial Period to Civil War (will meet requirement for a course for the major which must be devoted primarily to the years before the 20th century)

ARH 265 Arts in the United States after the Civil War (will meet requirement for a course for the major which must be devoted primarily to the years before the 20th century)

ARH 360 Studies in American Art

Biological Sciences

BIO 101 Modern Biology for the Concerned Citizen (N)


CHM 108 Environmental Chemistry (N)


ECO 224 Environmental Economics (S)

ECO 230 Urban Economics (S)

ECO 233 Free Market Economics (S)

ECO 265 Economics of Corporate Finance (S)

ECO 272 Law and Economics (S)

ECO 275 Money and Banking (S)

ECO 314 Seminar: Industrial Organization and Antitrust Policy (S)

ECO 324 Seminar: Economics of the Environment and Natural Resources (S)

ECO 341 Economics of Health Care (S)

ECO 363 Seminar: Inequality (S)

Education & Child Study

EDC 110 Introduction to American Education (S)

EDC 200 Education in the City (S)

EDC 232 The American Middle School and High School (S)

EDC 235 Child and Adolescent Growth and Development (S)

EDC 237 Comparative Education (S)

EDC 336 Seminar in American Education

English Language & Literature

ENG 120 Colloquia in Literature (L)
(Will count when course focuses on U.S. material)

ENG 231 American Literature Before 1865 (L)

ENG 233 American Literature From 1865 to 1914 (L)

ENG 235 Modern American Writing (L)

ENG 282 The Harlem Renaissance (L)

ENG 303 Seminar: American Literature (L)

ENG 382 Readings in American Literature

Film Studies

FLS 200 Introduction to Film Studies (H)

First-Year Seminars

First-year seminars will count when the course focuses on United States material.


GOV 190 Empirical Methods in Political Science (S/M)

GOV 200 American Government (S)

GOV 201 American Constitutional Interpretation (S)

GOV 202 American Constitutional Law: The Bill of Rights and the Fourteenth Amendment (S)

GOV 206 The American Presidency (S)

GOV 207 Politics of Public Policy (S)

GOV 213 Colloquium: The Bush Years (S)

GOV 215 Colloquium: The Clinton Years (S)

GOV 237 Colloquium: Politics and the U.S./Mexico Border (S)

GOV 304 Seminar in American Government

GOV 306 Seminar in American Government (S)

GOV 307 Seminar in American Government (S)

GOV 312 Seminar in American Government (S)


HST 265 Race, Gender and United States Citizenship, 1776-1861 (H)

HST 267 The United States Since 1877 (H)

HST 270 (C) Aspects of American History (H)

HST 278 Women in the United States, 1865- Present (H)

HST 280 (C) Inquiries into United States Social History (H)

HST 289 (C) Aspects of Women's History (H)

HST 371 Problems in 19th-Century United States History (H)     

HST 372 Problems in American History (H)

HST 383 Research in United States Women's History: The Sophia Smith Collection (H)

HST 390 Teaching History (H)

Landscape Studies

LSS 100 Landscape, Environment, and Design

LSS 105 Introduction to Landscape Studies

Latin American and Latino/a Studies

Courses in this program are good ways to meet the "explicit comparison" requirement.


MUS 100 Colloquia
(Will count when course focuses on U.S. material)

MUS 105 Roll Over Beethoven: A History of Rock (A/H)


PSY 140 Health Psychology (S/N)

PSY 150 Abnormal Psychology (N)

PSY 165 Adult Development (S/N)

PSY 241 Psychology of Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood (S/N)

PSY 246 Colloquium: Psychology of Asian American Experiences (S)

PSY 247 Psychology of the Black Experience (S/N)

PSY 265 Colloquium: Political Psychology (S)

PSY 266 Psychology of Women and Gender (S/N)

PSY 269 Colloquium: Categorization and Intergroup Behavior (S/N)

PSY 270 Social Psychology (N)

PSY 374 Psychology of Political Activism (S)

PSY 375 Research Seminar on Political Psychology (N)

Public Policy

PPL 220 Public Policy Analysis (S)

PPL 250 Race and Public Policy in the United States (S)

PPL 390 Senior Public Policy Workshop (S)


SOC 101 Colloquium: Introduction to Sociology (S)
(Will count when course focuses on U.S. material)

SOC 201 Evaluating Information (M)

SOC 202 Quantitative Research Methods (S/M)

SOC 203 Qualitative Methods (S)

SOC 213 Race and National Identity in the United States (S)

SOC 218 Urban Sociology (S)

SOC 219 Medical Sociology (S)

SOC 229 Sex and Gender in American Society (S)

SOC 226 Sociological Perspectives on Power and Privilege in American Education (S)

SOC 244 Feminisms and Women's Movements: Latin-American Women's and Latinas' Pursuit of Social Justice (H/S)

SOC 250 Theories of Society (S)

SOC 317 Seminar: Inequality in Higher Education (SS)

SOC 323 Seminar: Gender and Social Change (S)

Study of Women & Gender

SWG 150 Introduction to the Study of Women and Gender (H)

SWG 222 Gender, Law and Policy

SWG 270 Colloquium: Documenting Lesbian Lives (H/S)

SWG 271 Reproductive Justice (H/S)

SWG 290 Gender, Sexuality and Popular Culture (A/S)

SWG 300 Special Topics in the Study of Women and Gender (when topic is focused on aspects of American culture)


THE 213 American Theatre and Drama (L/H/A)

Interdepartmental/Extradepartmental Course Offerings

IDP 208 Women's Medical Issues (N)