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About the Photos

All images on this site are from the collection of the Smith College Museum of Art and were photographed by Petgorsky/Gipe.

Thomas Charles Farrer. British, 1839–1891. View of Northampton from the Dome of the Hospital, 1865 (detail). Oil on canvas. Purchased. SC 1953:96

Alfred Stieglitz. American, 1864–1946. The Terminal, 1893 (detail). Photogravure on paper. Purchased. SC 1950:3–1

Martin Johnson Heade. American, 1819–1904. New Jersey Meadows. ca. 1871–1875 (detail). Oil on canvas. Purchased. SC 1951:298

Meridel Rubenstein. American, born 1948. Paul, Annabelle, and Paula Medina, Chimayo, '68 Chevy Impala, 1980 (detail). Dye transfer print. Purchased with the Madeleine H. Russell, class of 1937, Fund. SC 2005:1–2. ©1980 Meridel Rubenstein

Winslow Homer. American, 1836–1910. The Morning Walk – Young Ladies' School Promenading the Avenue, 1868 (detail). Wood engraving on paper. Gift of Mrs. Henry G. Bartol. SC 1950:74–5

Edward Hopper. American, 1882–1967. American Landscape, 1920 (detail). Etching on paper. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm G. Chace Jr. (Beatrice Ross Oenslager, class of 1928). SC 1975:66–1

Margaretta Angelica Peale. American, 1795–1882. Still Life with Watermelon and Peaches, 1828 (detail). Oil on canvas. Purchased with the anonymous gift of a member of the class of 1952. SC 1952:53

John Frederick Peto. American, 1854–1907. Discarded Treasures, ca. 1904 (detail). Oil on canvas. Purchased with the Drayton Hillyer Fund. SC 1939:4

Sandy Skoglund. Amerian, born 1946. Radioactive Cats, 1980 (detail). Cibachrome. Purchased. SC 1987:8. ©1980 Sandy Skoglund

Ralph Steiner. American, 1899–1986. Tug and New York Skyline, 1922 (detail). Gelatin silver print. Gift of Thomas R. Schiff. SC 1984:25–20

Richard Yarde. American, born 1939. Parade II, 1978 (detail). Watercolor on paper. Purchased. SC 1978:7–2. ©1978 Richard Yarde