African Studies

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Comparative Literature

CLT 205 Twentieth-Century Literatures of Africa

CLT 266 Studies in South African Literature and Film. Topic:
South African Literature and Film Since 1948

CLT 271 Writing in Translation: Bilingualism in the Post-Colonial Novel


FRN 230 Women Writers of Africa and the Caribbean

First-Year Seminar

FYS 165 Childhood in African Literature


MUS 220 Topics in World Music: African Popular Music

African Studies

AFS 300 Capstone Colloquium African Studies

Afro-American Studies

AAS 370 Seminar: Modern Southern Africa

AAS 370 Seminar: Decolonization, Nation and Political Imagination in Africa


HST 257 Early Arican History to 1800

HST 258 Modern Africa Since 1800

HST 259 Aspect of African History. Topic: Women in African Colonial Histories


ANT 230 Africa: Peoples, Environment and Health

ANT 271 Globalization and Transnationalism in Africa


ECO 214 Economies of the Middle East and North Africa

ECO 311 Topics in Economic Development: The Political Economy of Development in Africa


GOV 227 Contemporary African Politics