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Smith College reserves the right to make changes to all announcements and course listings online, including changes in its course offerings, instructors, requirements for the majors and minors, and degree requirements.

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Additional courses related to Africana Studies

As an interdisciplinary department, we encourage students to explore course opportunities in other departments and in the Five Colleges. Some examples are listed below. Students should check departmental entries to find out the year and semester particular courses are being offered.

ANT 230  Africa: Peoples, Environment and Development Issues

ANT 348 Seminar: Topics in Development Anthropology: Health in Africa--Elliot Frankin

ANT 271 Globalization and Transformation in Africa

CLT 205 Twentieth-Century Literatures of Africa--Katwiwa Mule,

CLT 266 Studies in South African Literature and Film: Adopting Violence to the Screen--Katwiwa Mule

CLT 256  Studies in South African Literature and Film: Topic: The Political Imagination in Contemporary South Africa

ECO 230 Urban Economics

ECO 311 Seminar: Topics in Economics Development: The Political Economy of Development in AFrica

ENG 241 The Empire Writes Back: Postcolonial Literature--Ambreen Hai

ENG 249  Literatures of the Black Atlantic

ENG 309 Black Prison Intellectuals

FRN 230 Colloquium in French Studies: Women Writers of Africa and the Caribbean--Dawn Fulton

FYS 148 Migration Stories: Border Crossing and Becoming in African-American Literature **

GOV 204  Urban Politics

GOV 257 Refugee Politics

HST 234  Global Africa--Jeffrey Ahlman

HST 257  Early African History to 1800--Jeffrey Ahlman

HST 258  History of Modern Africa since 1800--Jeffrey Ahlman,

HST 259 Aspects of African History: Decolonization, Nation and Political Imagination in Africa--Jeffrey Ahlman

HST 259 Aspects of African History: Women in African Colonial Histories

HST 265 Race, Gender, and United States Citizenship, 1776-1861--Elizabeth Pryor

HST 266 The Age of the American Civil War--Elizabeth Pryor

HST 270 Aspects of American History: Anatomy of a Slave Revolt--Elizabeth Pryor

HST 371  Problems in 19th Century United States History: Remembering Slavery: A Gendered Reading of the WPA Slave Interviews--Elizabeth Pryor

IDP 102 Race and Its Intersections


PHI 210 Issues in Recent and Contemporary Philosophy: African American Philosophy

PHI 254 African Philosophy

PHI 304 Colloquium in Applied Ethics: Afirmative Action: International Perspectives--Albert Mosley

POR 381 Seminar in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies: Angola, Brazil, and Cuba: Race, Nation, and Narrative--Malcolm McNee

PSY 263 Psychology of the Black Experience--Nnamdi Pole

SOC 213  Race and National Identity in the United States

SOC 214 Sociology of Hispanic Caribbean Communities in the United States

SOC 218 Urban Sociology

SWG 100 Issues in Queer Studies **

SWG 201  Queer Black Studies, An Introduction **

SWG 300 The Gay 80's **

THE 221 Rehearsing the Impossible: Black Women Playwrights Interrupting the Master Narrative

THE 319 Shamans, Shapeshifters, and the Magic If--Andrea Hairston


**These courses are cross-listed with Africana Studies