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Academic Opportunities

Overwhelmingly, young women choose Smith for its academic excellence and reputation as an outstanding top-ranked liberal arts college. They also come to Smith to learn to be active thinkers and leaders, to discover their own talents and intellectual strengths, and to learn how they can someday make a difference in the world. Smith’s open curriculum, based in the humanities, arts, social sciences and the natural sciences, promotes a vigorous culture of scholarship, inquiry and discovery. Your daughter may choose to explore many fields of knowledge, and she will have help from academic advisers in shaping her own education in an intentional way. She will select her classes from more than one thousand courses at Smith and an additional 4,500 undergraduate courses offered at four nearby campuses—Amherst, Hampshire and Mount Holyoke, along with the University of Massachusetts. These institutions have joined with Smith to form one of the oldest, most highly regarded consortiums in American higher education. More than 80 percent of Smith students conduct significant, focused research projects with faculty members, and students report that they gain knowledge and mastery of scholarly work usually acquired only in graduate school. A Smith education can also include study abroad. More than half of each junior class studies abroad in Smith-sponsored programs or in independent studies conducted worldwide, from Argentina to Zimbabwe.

Weaving Course Work and Experience

The course work at Smith is the core of college life. But the classes and rich extracurricular learning opportunities your daughter chooses to match her field and interests will diversify and strengthen her Smith education. What your daughter will learn inside and outside the classroom will prepare her for participation and leadership in a dynamic, evolving global community.

Through innovative programs, cross-disciplinary learning, and internship and service opportunities outside the classroom, she will explore why and how to make her unique mark in the world. At the Kahn Liberal Arts Institute, for example, students are invited to become Kahn Fellows and collaborate with faculty and visiting scholars on yearlong interdisciplinary research projects.

Smith’s unique internship program, “Praxis: The Liberal Arts at Work,” provides a one-time stipend ($2,400) for internships where funding is not typically offered—such as in the arts, nonprofit organizations, start-up businesses and some media. Through Smith’s leadership programs, students can also develop skills in public speaking, analytical thinking, teamwork strategies and the philosophical aspects of leadership.

Accessible Faculty

The Smith environment promotes faculty-student collaborations, and some of the research projects born of that teamwork are legendary. For every nine Smith students, there is a professor to encourage, guide and inspire. Smith professors are a worldclass group of scholars who are engaged and accessible. They consider their teaching role to be their most important mission.

Not surprisingly, students consistently cite faculty accessibility as one of the college’s greatest strengths. With an average of only 19 students per classroom, Smith can provide the personal attention that will help your daughter learn more and feel more invested in her work.

First-Rate Facilities

Smith’s New England campus is located on 147 acres of tree-lined paths and streets. Smith provides its students with outstanding equipment and facilities, including a multibuilding science complex, performance facilities, computer centers and the largest undergraduate library system of any liberal arts college in the country. And all of these resources, unlike those at many universities, are primarily for undergraduate students like your daughter.

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