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Graduate Applicants


Graduate & Special Programs

College Hall 103
10 Elm Street
Smith College
Northampton, MA 01063

Phone: 413-585-3050

Patricia DiBartolo
Associate Dean of the Faculty/Dean for Academic Development

Ruth Morgan
Program Coordinator

Peter Farley, Smith College graduate student, sits on a wall and smiles for camera


Smith College School for Social Work

The School for Social Work handles its admission process independently. For students interested in pursuing either a master's or doctorate in social work, and for more information, please visit the School for Social Work website.

Graduate Tuition & Fees 2017-18

M.A.T. Program Tuition  
Full academic-year program fee (after Smith award)
(12 or more credits per semester)
Part-time academic-year program fee (after Smith award)
(8 to 11 credit per semester)
Summer session tuition
(8 credits)
M.F.A. Programs Tuition  
Full academic-year tuition (awards may vary)
(16 or more credits per semester)
M.S./Biological Sciences Tuition  
Full academic-year tuition (awards may vary)
(8 to 11 credits per semester)
M.S./Exercise & Sport Studies Tuition  
Full academic-year tuition (awards may vary)
(12 to 15 credits per semester)
Post-Bac/Mathematics Tuition  
Full academic-year tuition (awards may vary)
(16 credits per semester)

Fees For All Programs

Application fee $60
Tuition fee per credit (for fewer than 8 credits/semester) $1,560
Health insurance*  
Coverage beginning August 15 $2,290
Coverage beginning June 15 (M.A.T. students only) $2,608

*This fee may be waived if you are a U.S. citizen with comparable health insurance that will cover you while in Massachusetts.


A one-time general deposit of $100 is required from each student upon admittance. The deposit will be refunded the October following graduation, or approximately six months following the student's last date of attendance, after deducting any unpaid charges or fees.

The deposit is not refunded for new students in the case of withdrawal before entrance, or if you are separated from the college for work or conduct deemed unsatisfactory.


Current students who plan to withdraw must notify the graduate director in writing before July 1 (for first semester) or December 1 (for second semester).

Graduate Housing

Students in the Diploma program are provided rooms in Smith houses. Some students may be housed with undergraduates. We also have a limited number of rooms available in our graduate house for students in other graduate programs; food is not included.

  Semester Year
Room & Board* $8,365 $16,730
Room only $4,200 $8,400

*Diploma students only