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First-Year Applicants

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Traditional Undergraduate Tuition

Students are billed for one-half of the annual charges at the beginning of each semester.


Tuition $52,120
Room & Board $17,520
Student Activities Fee $284
Student Health Insurance Plan $2,368
Total per year $72,292

*The student health insurance fee may be waived by domestic students who have comparable health insurance that provides coverage while in Massachusetts.



Comprehensive fees for 2019-20 have not yet been determined.                                                            

Tuition tbd
Room & Board tbd
Student Activities Fee tbd
Student Health Insurance Plan tbd
Total per year tbd


Other Costs Not Billed

There are costs that most students incur during the year. They can include:

  • Books and supplies. Plan for at least $400 per semester based on courses and availability of secondhand books.
  • Travel to and from Smith College
  • Personal expenses
  • House dues (both mandatory and optional)

Actual costs incurred will vary and are the student's responsibility.

Estimate Your Share of College Costs

These tools can help you estimate eligibility for need-based financial aid at Smith and how much you might expect to contribute.