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Envisioning Our Future/Status Report

New Series to Track Campus Changes

The question that President Ruth Simmons put to the campus when she arrived -- "What should Smith aim to be in the coming decades?" -- produced hundreds of responses during the self-study project undertaken last year. It fell to the Self-Study Steering Committee to determine which initiatives and directions would, taken together, raise the college to a new level of excellence. And now it falls to many people and groups on campus to move the initiatives along through discussion, approval and implementation phases, and a lot of that activity is already under way. Beginning in next week's AcaMedia we will publish a series of reports on the progress of proposals and projects that fall into the general areas of academic and student life, workplace issues and facilities construction and renovation.

A Home for Adas

Ada Comstock Scholars who live off campus will now have an on-campus home away from home, a place where they can drop in regularly for meals, teas and social events. Thanks to the new Ada Affiliate Program devised by the Ada Comstock Class Cabinet, the House President's Association and the Office of the Dean of the College, Adas who live off campus will be assigned a Smith residence house that they can treat as their own while on campus.
Through the program, off-campus Adas can visit their "house" for one meal per week at the college's expense, attend all Friday teas, participate in all house social events and spend time there studying or relaxing.
It's been difficult for some Adas to become acquainted with on-campus students because a large share of socializing takes place within the college's residences, says Cathy Lindquist, Ada Comstock class co-president. "The majority of Adas live off-campus," she said, "and some Adas feel out of touch with the Smith community. I myself felt out of the loop as a first-year student." Adas also consistently bring up the difficulty in finding places to eat on campus, said Lindquist. The Ada Affiliate Program was devised to address those concerns and create more of a relationship between Adas and other students, she said.
The Ada Affiliate Program is a pilot project this semester, Lindquist said. If successful, it will become permanent next year. The program will be monitored throughout the rest of this semester to gauge the level of participation.
Adas chose their preferred house last month from among more than 20 houses that are participating; currently, the program accommodates more than 65 women. Adas who did not sign up but are interested in participating may contact Lindquist at 587-0188 or the other Ada class co-president, Barbara Baker, at 584-1892.

Contest Promotes Computer Poise

For many Smith students, daily computer use is limited to word processing and occasional e-mail-checking in an overcrowded lab. In the eyes of the people at the Web and Graphics Design Center, it is time to expand the use of computers at Smith. In an effort to encourage the use of computer technology to further personal and professional goals, the center is running a Women & Computers Contest. The aim of this contest is "to increase awareness of the versatility and power of computer technology, to promote awareness of the availability of this technology on the Smith campus, and to encourage analysis of the role of computers in women's lives." Educational Computing Analyst Jim Blau hopes the contest will promote increased use of computers at Smith. "In the past decade...working with computers has become part of nearly everyone's job description," he says. "Hence the need to strongly promote the development of computer skills among all Smith students."
The Women & Computers Contest is open to all Smith students. Entries may be on any theme relating to promoting the use of computers by women, and may be produced in any medium or combination of media. Computer science major Shannon Davis '98, who came up with the initial idea for the contest, hopes that it will spur computer use by students in the humanities and social sciences. "I noticed that Smith women rarely say 'I can't' except when it comes to computers," says Davis. "I wanted people to see the entries to the contest and think, 'I want to learn how to do that!'"
The growing importance of computers at Smith and elsewhere makes this contest especially timely. With the strong support of the senior staff at Smith, this contest may be an an-nual occasion. But that's no reason to wait. To find out more, check out or con-tact Jim Blau at
-- Amanda Darling '99

Public Safety Busy Despite Low Stats on Campus Crime

If you look at the statistics -- mostly zeros -- that the Office of Public Safety must report in order to be in compliance with the Campus Crime and Security Act of 1990 -- numbers of murders, aggravated assaults, robberies, motor vehicle thefts, and weapon possessions, for example -- you might conclude that Smith's public safety officers have nothing to do. Not so.
During 1997, the department handled 19,028 calls for service. The top ten categories were property checks (26.7%); lockouts (15.6%); unsecure areas (10.3%); secured areas (10.2%); transports (5.3%); well-being checks (3%); money transports (2.7%); Physical Plant related (2.5%); assist persons (1.9%); and suspicious activity (1.5%).
In addition, public safety officers responded to 176 medical emergency/injured person calls; 177 fire alarm/fire calls; 30 larceny of property having a value of over $250 and 61 larceny of property having a value under $250; 55 vandalism/destruction of property; 71 intoxicated/disorderly/unwanted persons and general disturbances; three domestic disturbances; one domestic assault and battery; one violation of a restraining order; 499 suspicious activity/person/vehicles; seven trespassing; and 12 reports of possible drug or narcotic violations (none resulting in arrests).
During the year, five adults and one juvenile were arrested and one adult was placed in protective custody.
April was the busiest month of the year, generating 1,818 calls, or 9.6% of all calls for the year, and Saturdays were the busiest days, generating 1,006 calls or 15.8% of all calls received.
The college is required by law to re-port the following statistics for 1997:
Offenses/Reported Incidents
Murder 0
Sex Offenses 0
Forcible 0
Nonforcible 0
Aggravated Assault 0
Hate Crime/Forcible Sex Offense 0
Hate Crime/Aggravated Assault 0
Hate Crime/Murder 0
Robbery 0
Burglary 5 (1 each in February, March, May and 2 in September)
Motor Vehicle Theft 0
Other/Arrests Only
Liquor Law Violations 0
Drug Abuse Violations 0
Weapons Possessions 0

Speakers to Tell of Fighting Bigotry

In 1993, Brenda and Wanda Henson, two lesbian feminist leaders in Mississippi, were the victims of more than 70 hate crimes. When the Hensons bought a large parcel of land to open a retreat center for women in rural Ovett, Mississippi, threatening gunshots rang out around their property and other menacing gestures were directed at them. The harassment, though diminished, continues today. But the Hensons have persisted in opening Camp Sister Spirit and gained wider acceptance in Ovett as they've worked to help people in need through a food bank, adult literacy programs, counseling and referral services and affiliations with the local Red Cross, Catholic charities, and other organizations.
On Wednesday, March 25, at 7:30 p.m. in Neilson Browsing Room, the Hensons will visit Smith College to deliver "Victory Over Bigotry: Lesbian Lessons from the South," a lecture based on their experiences.
The Hensons' lecture is part of a tour aimed at raising funds to bring attention to the need for an extension of civil rights laws to include gays and lesbians and to educate people about the serious impact of homophobia and prejudice, says Barbara Garcia AC'98, an event organizer.
Throughout the past four years the Hensons' efforts to obtain protection from the discriminatory and terrorizing behavior directed toward them have been unsuccessful, they say. Even when, on Valentine's Day 1994, a car was rolled into a ditch outside their retreat and set on fire, local authorities did little to protect them. The Hensons say their inability to gain effective protection from such harassment is partially due to the absence of civil rights laws that would shield lesbians and gay Americans from homophobic violence and discrimination. "We need laws on the books to protect us," Wanda Henson has said. "We are people, we have feelings and we don't deserve to be treated like this."
The Hensons' presentation is the second lecture at Smith to be sponsored by the Greensboro Justice Fund, an organization based in Haydenville, Massachusetts, that assists grassroots groups in the South seeking to fight racism and prejudice. The GJF, which was formed in 1979 in response to the murders of five anti-Klan demonstrators in Greensboro, North Carolina, last year sponsored a lecture by political activist and moral leader, the Rev. Nelson Johnson, of Greensboro. The Hensons have been consistently supported by the GJF since 1993.
The lecture is also sponsored by the offices of the president, the college dean and institutional diversity, the anthropology and government departments, the Committee on Community Policy, the Chapel, SGA, Smith College Law Society and LBTA.

Staff Council Seeks New Forum Topics

On the heels of an extremely successful community forum in February on the subject of everyday work lives of Smith faculty and staff, Staff Council is seeking topics and issues that will galvanize the audience at the next community forum in a similar way.
The forum will be held in Wright Hall auditorium Thursday, April 16, from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. Suggestions for discussion topics may be sent to Scott Girard, staff council chair, by e-mail ( or to staff council secretary Amy Holich, Physical Plant, by campus mail.

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Calendar Key

Sources of further information, if any, are shown in parentheses at the end of event descriptions. An asterisk following a listing indicates that the event is open to the public. Admission charges, if any, are listed when known.

Monday 3/23

CDO internship résumé deadline: Consortium on Financing Higher Ed, social science research intern; Fuji Capital Markets, New York City, financial investment intern; New England Educational Institute, Cape Cod, conference assistant, retail sales, hospitality; Painted Places, Leeds, Massachusetts, designer show house intern.
8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., CDO
Workshop: "Menopause and Diet." Registration required. Part of the Human Resources Training and Development Workshop Series. (Ext. 2263)
Noon-1 p.m., Graham Hall
Hebrew language lunch table.
12:15 p.m., Bodman Lounge, Chapel
Language lunch tables.
12:15 p.m., Duckett House Special Dining Room
CDO workshop: "How to Find a Summer Internship."
1:15 p.m., CDO
Meeting: Amnesty International.
4 p.m., Seelye 102*
Meeting: Baha'i Club. Refreshments provided. (Kari, ext. 6362)
4 p.m., Bodman Lounge, Chapel
Workshop: "SAFE." One of a series of weekly student-led workshops. (Heather Jones, ext. 2248)
7-9 p.m., Wright common room
Meeting: Om, the Hindu students organization.
7-8 p.m., Bodman Lounge, Chapel
Jacobson Center (formerly CAD) workshop: "How to Write a Research Paper." A general overview of how to get started on a research project, how to structure your paper, and how to cite your sources. Sign up in Seelye 307 or call extension 3056.
7:30 p.m., Seelye 307
Meeting: Al-Iman, the Smith Muslim students' organization.
8 p.m., Dewey common room
Meeting: Student Labor Action Coalition.
8 p.m., Women's resource center (third floor of Davis)

Tuesday 3/24

CDO extended hours.
8:30 a.m.-6 p.m. and 7-9 p.m.
Workshop: "Towards a Drug-Free Workplace: Training for the Supervisors." Registration required. Part of the Human Resources Training and Development Workshop Series. (Ext. 2263)
10 a.m.noon, Dewey common room
Sigma Xi Luncheon Talk: "Istanbul University 1933: A Haven for German-Speaking Scholars." Lâle Burk, chemistry. Open to faculty, emeriti and staff.
Noon, College Club lower level
Episcopal-Lutheran Fellowship meets in the parish house parlor.
Noon, St. John's Church, Elm Street
Language lunch tables.
Deutscher Tisch
12:15 p.m., Duckett House Special Dining Room
Concert: Music in the Noon Hour. Ellen Redman, flute; Grant Moss, piano. Works by Paganini, Roussel, and Briccialdi. (Ext. 3150)
12:30 p.m., Sage Recital Hall*
Information meeting: Housing Lottery Information session.
4-5 p.m., Seelye 110
Human Service Careers Roundtable with Anita Lightburn, dean, Smith College School for Social Work, and other faculty and graduates. Come to learn what work in human services is about and what kind of training you might need. Sponsored by the Career Development Office and the School for Social Work.
4:30 p.m., Dewey common room*
Presentation of major in chemistry. Refreshments provided.
4:30-6 p.m., Seelye 207
Résumé critique by a peer adviser.
4:30-6 p.m. and 8-9 p.m., CDO
Lecture: "From Equal Rights to Body Rights: Labor Feminism in the 1970s." Dorothy Sue Cobble, professor of labor studies, history and women's studies, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey. Sponsored by the American Studies Program and the Committee on Community Policy.
4:45-6 p.m., Neilson Browsing Room*
Five-Con staff meeting: Planning for April's Five College Science Fiction Convention.
7 p.m., Bass 210
SGA senate meeting, including a student open forum at 7:15 p.m.
7 p.m., Seelye 201*
CDO workshop: "Job Search for Seniors."
7 p.m., CDO
Workshop: "On the Horizon: Planning for a Secure and Happy Retirement-Session I." Registration required. Part of the Human Resources Training and Development Workshop Series. (Ext. 2263)
7-9 p.m., Ainsworth classroom
Jacobson Center (formerly CAD) workshop: "The Ins and Outs of Writing an Application Essay." A review of how to write personal essays-from graduate school applications to applications for jobs and internships. We'll focus on how to achieve the right personal/professional tone for your essay. Feel free to bring along essays in progress. Sign up in Seelye 307 or call extension 3056.
7:30 p.m., Seelye 307
Lecture: Keynote speaker for Queer Women of Color Week, Willa J. Taylor, the chair of the board of directors of the National Black Gay and Lesbian Leadership Forum, will share her experiences as an activist and a lesbian of color.
7:30 p.m., Seelye 106*
CDO workshop: "How to Prepare for a Successful Interview."
8 p.m., CDO
Film: Rainmaker. Sponsored by Rec Council
9 p.m., Wright auditorium

Wednesday 3/25

Hillel at Noon. Discussion and veggie luncheon.
Noon, Dawes House Kosher Kitchen
Religious activity: Discussion and reflection for Catholic Adas.
Noon-1 p.m., Bodman Lounge, Chapel
Meeting for Coalition for Children's group. Light lunch provided. Feel free to join us. Newcomers welcome.
Noon, Dewey common room
Presentation of the major in computer science. Refreshments provided.
12:10 p.m., McConnell foyer
Language lunch tables.
Spanish and Portuguese
12:15 p.m., Duckett House Special Dining Room
Softball vs. Nichols College.
4 p.m., Athletic Fields*
Office of Institutional Diversity open hour, with Carmen Santana-Melgoza.
4-5 p.m., College Hall 31
Film: The Nasty Girl (1990, Germany). Screenplay and direction, Michael Verhoeven. Sonja, "the nasty girl," undertakes a school project to investigate her town during the Nazi period. She receives criticism and threats from the town's inhabitants as she reveals various secrets from the past. Film preceded by a brief introduction.
4:10-6 p.m., Seelye 106*
CDO orientation meeting: MERC (Massachusetts Educational Recruiting Consortium).
4:15 p.m., Neilson Browsing Room
Workshop: "Make the Best of Your Stress" drop-in group. A let-your-hair-down, kick-your-heels-up look at stress with Lisa Werkmeister Rozas from Health Services.
4:30-5:45 p.m., Wright common room
MassPIRG organic dinner and film showing of Exposure. The film details the links of breast cancer and pesticides exposure. Discussion will follow. Sign up in the mail room.
6 p.m., Gamut
Religious activity: Buddhist service and discussion.
7:15 p.m., Bodman Lounge, Chapel
Lecture: "Victory Over Bigotry: Lesbian Lessons from the Deep South," by Brenda and Wanda Henson. Sponsored by the Greensboro Justice Fund, the Smith College Law Society and LBTA. (See story, page 1.)
7:30 p.m., Neilson Browsing Room*
Jacobson Center (formerly CAD) workshop: "Writing an Honors Thesis." Thinking of writing a thesis? We will briefly discuss the research and writing processes, but will primarily focus on contemplating and preparing for a thesis. We will also suggest effective strategies and detail some of the lessons we have learned with regard to planning and managing this project. Juniors are particularly welcome. Sign up in Seelye 307 or call extension 3056.
7:30 p.m., Seelye 307
Film: "The Reel World." An array of films celebrating the lives of lesbians of color. Part of Queer Women of Color Week.
7:30 p.m., Stoddard auditorium*
MassPIRG weekly meeting.
7:30 p.m., Seelye 107*
Lecture: "Problems and Paradoxes of American Religious Liberalism." Jay Demerath, professor of sociology, University of Massachusetts-Amherst. This is the second lecture in a series sponsored by the American Studies Program that will focus on critiques of American culture from explicitly religious perspectives.
7:30-8:30 p.m., Seelye 101*
Hunger Clean-Up informational meeting, with a guest speaker. To prepare team leaders for the April 11 Hunger Clean-Up, a day of community service organized by MassPIRG at Smith.
8 p.m., Dewey common room

Thursday 3/26

CDO internship résumé referral: The Walt Disney Company, Burbank, California, investor relations intern.
8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., CDO
Workshop: "Diversity Certificate Program-Level I, Session I." Registration required. Part of the Human Resources Training and Development Workshop Series. (Ext. 2263)
9 a.m.-noon, Dewey common room
CDO extended hours.
8:30 a.m.-6 p.m.
Lecture: "Planning the Kahn Institute: A Discussion with the Kahn Committee." Marjorie Senechal, Louis Wolff Kahn Professor of Mathematics, and members of the Kahn Committee. One of the Liberal Arts Luncheon Series. Open to faculty, emeriti and staff.
Noon, College Club lower level
CDO workshop: "How to Prepare for a Successful Interview."
12:10-12:55 p.m., CDO
CDO discussion: "Being a Lawyer: A Conversation with Nina Stillman '70." Talk to Nina Stillman '70, a partner in a large Chicago law firm, about becoming and being a lawyer. Pizza provided.
12:15 p.m., Seelye 207
Language lunch tables.
12:15 p.m., Duckett House Special Dining Room
Workshop: "Customer Service Certificate Program-Session I." Registration required. Part of the Human Resources Training and Development Workshop Series. (Ext. 2263)
1:30-4 p.m., Dewey common room
Lacrosse vs. New England College
4 p.m., athletic fields*
Softball vs. Elms College
4 p.m., athletic fields*
Panel discussion: "Omaggio e Riflessioni su Manlio Cacogni." Tavola Rotonda: Francesca Duranti, Italy; Franco Ferrucci, Rutgers University, Gioacchino Lanza Tomasi, Instituto Italiano di Cultura; Giuseppe Mazzotta, Yale University; Iole Magri, Smith College.
4 p.m., Seelye 301
Film: Bye-Bye (France/Switzerland/Belgium, 1995). Director Karim Dridi. A probing camera seeks out the nuances of racism and love in the Mediterranean port of Marseille, while giving space to the intimate story of a young man faced with his own human weaknesses. Introduction by Robert Schwartzwald, French and Francophone studies, UMass.
4 p.m., Wright auditorium*
Lecture: "Wellspring House and Mutual Learning," with Nancy Schwoyer, Lisa Ward and Jessica O'Leary. Sponsored by the philosophy department and the Center for Mutual Learning at Smith.
4:15 p.m., Wright common room*
Lecture: "A Microscopic Look at Buried Interfaces: A Nonlinear Spectroscopic Investigation." Marie Messmer, chemistry department, Lehigh University.
4.30 p.m., McConnell B15*
CDO workshop: "How to Write an Effective Résumé."
4:30 p.m., CDO
Thursday 3/26 continued
Lecture: "The Historian as Curandera: Doing Latina Feminist History." Aurora Levins Morales, co-author of Getting Home Alive and author of Medicine Stories: Toward a Politics of Integrity (forthcoming). Sponsored by women's studies, Spanish and comparative literature departments, Latin American studies, and the Committee on Community Policy. Reception at 4 p.m., preceding the lecture.
4:30 p.m., Neilson Browsing Room*
Film/presentation: Checkpoint, the Palestinians After Oslo. Followed by "Oslo's Feet of Clay," by Norman Finkelstein at 6:30 p.m. First of a five-part series entitled "Oslo Unravels: What Future for Middle East Peace?" Sponsored by the Committee on Community Policy, Amnesty International, ISO of Smith College and the Middle East Peace Coalition of Western Massachusetts.
5 p.m., Seelye 201*
Smith College Roundtable. Professor Martin Holmes from St. Hugh's College, Oxford, will speak on the rise and fall of Margaret Thatcher. Sign-ups begin Monday, 3/23 in the mail room. (Anna Soellner, ext. 5606).
5:45 p.m., Alumnae House conference room
Religious activity: Beit Midrash. Study Jewish texts and ideas with Rabbi Edward Feld. Pizza served.
6 p.m., Appleton 106, Amherst College
CDO workshop: "Using the Internet to Search for Jobs and Internships."
6:30 p.m., Seelye B03
Gallery talk: Linda Muehlig, associate curator of paintings and sculpture, and Ann Sievers, associate curator of prints, on "Sandy Skoglund: Reality Under Siege."
7-8 p.m., Museum of Art*
All-Campus Open House
7-9 p.m., all houses
Reading: Fiction writer and Elizabeth Drew Professor Dean Albarelli will read from his work. Sponsored by the English department.
7:30 p.m., Seelye 207*
Film: Azucar Amargo. Presented by the Department of Spanish and
Portuguese. All invited. Subtitled.
7:30 p.m., Seelye 201
Film: Anime (Japanese animation) with subtitles. (Katherine, ext. 7352)
7:30 p.m., Bass 210
Lecture: "Media, Mobilization and Social Movements in Africa." Fatma Alloo, director of the Aga Khan NGO Center in Zanzibar. Sponsored by the Gwendolen Carter Committee, the Committee on Community Policy and the departments of anthropology and women's studies.
7:30 p.m., McConnell B15*
Special event: "Telling Our Stories, Singing Our Songs." Singing, poetry, and spoken word celebrating the lives of women of color. All are welcome to contribute. Snacks served. Part of Queer Women of Color Week.
8-10 p.m., Gamut*
Lecture: "Petites Patries, France, universalisme: la pédagogie du sentiment national sous la Troisième République." Anne-Marie Thiesse, researcher, CNRS, France. Sponsored by the International Colloquium 20th-Century French/Francophone studies.
8-10 p.m., Neilson Browsing Room*
Film: Rainmaker. Sponsored by Rec Council
9 p.m., Wright auditorium

Friday 3/27

House Choice cards submission deadline.
4:30 p.m., Office of Student Affairs
Spring-break front-door keys return deadline. Students who return their keys will receive their $10 key deposit.
4:30 p.m., Business Office, College Hall 05
Workshop: "Let's Talk About Us, Baby..." A student-led workshop to share personal narratives and discuss issues relevant to queer women of color. Lunch served. Part of Queer Women of Color Week.
Noon, LBTA Space (next to Davis, behind Capen House)
Résumé critique by a peer adviser.
1-4 p.m., CDO
Reception for new college archivist. 3:30-5:30 p.m., Alumnae gym
Lecture: "Illness as Text: The Semiotics of Medicine from Hippocrates to AIDS." Professor John Kirby, chair of classical languages and literatures, Purdue University.
4:30 p.m., Seelye 106*
Biological Sciences and Biochemistry Colloquium: "Interactive Effects of Ozone Depletion, UV Sensitivity and Vertical Mising on Antarctic Primary Productivity." Patrick J. Neale, Smith Environmental Research Center. Reception in McConnell foyer at 4 pm. Sponsored by the Department of Biological Sciences and the Biochemistry Program.
4:30 p.m., McConnell B05*
General meeting: Nosotros, the Latina organization at Smith.
4:30 p.m., Unity House
Meeting: Science Fiction and Fantasy Club.
4:30 p.m., Seelye 208
Religious service: Shabbat Eve Services.
5:30 p.m., Dewey common room
Religious activity: Friday-night Bible study, sponsored by the Smith Koinonia Fellowship. (Ext. 6369)
6 p.m., Seelye 106*
Religious activity: Shabbat Eve Dinner.
7 p.m., Dawes House Kosher Kitchen
Religious activity: Smith Christian Fellowship, a chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA.
7 p.m., Dewey common room
Special event: "Hot Partner Dancing-Swing, Salsa and the Hustle." Three lessons from 7:30 to 9 p.m. with Bill Tenanes from the Cultural Dance Society, and swing dance with deejay from 9:30 p.m. on. Cost: $2 for Five College community members, $5 for general public. Brought to you by Chilipeppers. (
7:30 p.m., Davis Ballroom*
Concert: Sweet Honey in the Rock 25th Anniversary Tour. One of the world's premier a cappella vocal groups. $19.50 and $21.50, reserved seating. Tickets can be purchased at all Protix outlets, 1-800-477-6849; B-Side Records, Northampton; and For the Record, Amherst.
8 p.m., John M. Greene Hall*
Film: The Big Combo (1955). Directed by Joseph H. Lewis. Raw, violent film noir about an obsessive cop going up against a cunning, sadistic racketeer. Textbook example of the genre's stylized expressionist cinematography and location shooting. Part of the Motion Picture Committee's Film Noir Series.
8 p.m., Wright auditorium*

Saturday 3/28

Religious service: Student Shabbat service and torah discussion and cholent lunch. RSVP to the Hillel office at extension 2754.
10 a.m., Home of Edward Feld
Special event: "'Red': An Installation and Self-Portrait Event with Sandy Skoglund." Participate in an installation and self-portrait event with Sandy Skoglund. Bring three red objects (either already red or painted red) to be included in the installation. Objects should be from eight to 36 inches in diameter (or width or height); one of the objects should be made of paper so it can be suspended from the ceiling. You are encouraged to wear red clothing to enhance the collaborative Polaroid self-portrait that will be done. Enrollment is limited; $5 per person.
11 a.m.-noon, 12:30-1:30 p.m. or 2-3 p.m., Museum of Art*
Panel discussion: "Reality Bytes: Recent Social Science Alumni Discuss Their Career Paths." Refreshments served. Sponsored by the Department of Sociology and the Office of the Dean of the College.
1:30-3 p.m., Hillyer 117
Film Night. Movie to be announced. Sponsored by the Smith College Collective. Email moyama@sophia. for more details.
7 p.m., McConnell auditorium*
Film: Sauve Qui Peut (Every Man for Himself) (France, 1980). Directed by Jean-Luc Godard. Isabelle Huppert stars in Godard's accessible "comeback" film. Playful modernism after a decade of radical political films. Part of the Motion Picture Committee's Auteur Film series.
8 p.m., Wright auditorium*
Party: "Get Down On It." Deejay Daneice will spin the rhythms of hip-hop, R&B, and reggae. $2 cover. Part of Queer Women of Color Week.
10 p.m.-1 a.m., Mwangi Cultural Center*

Sunday, 3/29

Religious activity: Quaker (Friends) discussion group. Meeting for worship begins at 11 a.m.
9:30 a.m., Bass 210*
Religious service: Service of worship with the Rev. Dr. Karl Donfried, guest preacher. Coffee hour follows in Bodman Lounge. All welcome.
10:30 a.m., Chapel*
Informational meeting: "Biosphere 2: A Student Perspective." Two Columbia students who spent a semester in Arizona will talk about their experiences and show a video.
11 a.m.-1 p.m., Duckett Dining Room
CDO workshop: "CDO Phobia." Are you looking for an internship, a job, or grad school information? Does thinking about this worry you? Let us introduce you to our service in a relaxed atmosphere and help you face your fear of CDO.
1 p.m., CDO
CDO open hours.
1-4 p.m., CDO
CDO workshop: "How to Find a Summer Internship."
1:30 p.m., CDO
Film: The Big Combo (1955). See Friday, 8 p.m.
2 p.m., Stoddard auditorium*
CDO workshop: "How to Write an Effective Résumé."
2:30 p.m., CDO
Concert: Mozart Requiem. Smith College Glee Club with the Men of the Amherst College Choral Society and the Smith College Requiem Orchestra; Jane Bryden, soprano; Lynn Torgove, mezzo-soprano; Thomas Kim, tenor; Timothy Jerome Jones, bass; Jonathan Hirsh, conductor. (Ext. 3150)
3-5 p.m., Sweeney Concert Hall*
Film: Sauve Qui Peut (Every Man for Himself) (France, 1980). See Saturday, 8 p.m.
4 p.m., Stoddard auditorium*
General meeting: Association of Smith Pagans.
4-5:15 p.m., Gillet House*
Religious service: Roman Catholic mass with Fr. William McConville, O.F.M., S.J., celebrant and Dr. Elizabeth Carr, Catholic chaplain. A supper will follow. All welcome
4:30 p.m., Chapel*
Meeting: Feminists of Smith Unite.
7 p.m., Women's Resource Center (Davis third floor)

Ongoing Events

Art exhibition: "Sandy Skoglund: Reality Under Siege," the first retrospective exhibition of the work of the photographer, sculptor, and installation artist. Free and open to the public. Call extension 2760 for museum hours. Through May 24.
Museum of Art*
Art exhibition: "A Dozen Roses," by staff member Patricia Czepiel Hayes '84. Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., through March 27.
Alumnae House Gallery
Art exhibition: "Berenice Abbott's New York." Abbott photographs, many made between 1935 and 1939 for the WPA Federal Arts Project. Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 1-4 p.m. Through March 28 (Ext. 2770).
Museum of Art Print Room
Curio exhibition: "The Visionary Cabinet," curiosities created by Marjorie Senechal's History of Science 112a class. Through May 1.
McConnell Hall west stairwell*
Photography exhibition from the School for Field Studies. Alumnae of the SFS Environmental Field Studies Abroad Programs in Kenya, B.W.I., Baja (Mexico), Pacific Northwest Canada, Costa Rica and Australia are represented. Eleven Smith students are in SFS programs this spring. Sponsored by the Environmental Science Program.
McConnell foyer
Art exhibition: "Puzzling Out Spirituality," featuring the spirituality puzzle pieces hung in each of the houses in the fall. Come see what Smith women have said about their spiritual lives, and join this campus dialogue by offering your comments in the space provided. Sponsored by the Chapel Representatives. March 23-April 3. (Ext. 2753)
Seelye basement
Art exhibition: "American Landscapes." Lent by Kathleen Hammer '65 and including paintings from the museum's collection; organized by Stefne Lynch '98, special exhibitions intern. Free and open to the public. Call extension 2760 for museum hours. Through April 5.
Museum of Art*

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Getting Your Word Out in AcaMedia

AcaMedia is the official vehicle for making announcements within the Smith College community. We urge all of our readers to let us know of any Smith-related stories in need of telling, any members of the Smith community in need of recognition, or any college events or notices in need of publicity.
Where to Send Copy
-- Submit copy or ideas for news stories to Ann Shanahan at Garrison Hall (
-- Submit calendar items to Mary Stanton at Garrison Hall (, or fax to extension 2174).
-- Submit notices to John Sippel at Garrison Hall (, or fax to extension 2178). Text for notices should not exceed 125 words. If its intended audience is not obvious, please indicate whether your notice applies to the entire Smith community, to faculty and staff only, or to students only.
Copy is due by 4 p.m., Wednesday, March 25, for issue 24 (which will include April 6­12 calendar listings) and by 4 p.m., Wednesday, April 1, for issue 25 (April 13­19 calendar listings). Late information cannot be accepted.
Sources of further information, if any, are indicated last in parentheses.
Blue-Pencil Alert
All calendar items and notices submitted to AcaMedia are subject to editing for clarity, brevity and style. Almost none see print exactly as originally written.


Work-Study Job Descriptions
Campus employers need to submit Student Work-Study Job Descriptions for the 1998­99 academic year to the Student Employment Office by March 20 (for descriptions submitted on paper) or March 27 (for those submitted electronically).
Work-study jobs for 1998-99 will be listed as of April 6 on the student-employment Web page and in books outside the financial aid office. Students wishing to retain their current jobs should arrange with their employers to do so, if possible before the end of this semester.
'Open Campus' Housing
On Tuesday and Wednesday, April 21 and 22, the Office of Admission is sponsoring Open Campus to enable students who have been admitted to Smith to experience campus life. The program clinches the decisions of many students to attend Smith. If you would like to be part of this exciting event by hosting a student overnight, please come by the office to fill out a form.
Computer Consultations
Computer consultants are available in the Jacobson Center for Writing, Teaching and Learning to meet one-on-one with students, staff and faculty at all levels of expertise on any of the standard Smith software packages supported by Information Systems. Sign up for appointments in the Jacobson Center (Seelye Hall 307) during its regular hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. and Sunday-Thursday, 7-10 p.m.). Please note that the consultants are not tutors for computer science courses or for nonstandard software chosen by departments for individual classes. (Mary-Adele Combe, ext. 3099)
College Preview Day
Smith's annual College Preview Day, to be held this year on Thursday, April 2, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., helps high school students see what college is really like. It attracts several hundred high school juniors from throughout the Northeast for a free, daylong series of activities. The girls sample college classes and campus life at Smith and meet current students, professors and admission office staff. The Office of Admission encourages Smith employees' daughters who are in their junior year of high school to attend. To make reservations, call extension 2612.
Campus School Auction
Fun awaits you at the Sixth Annual Smith College Campus School Scholarship Auction, to be held Saturday, April 4, at 6 p.m. in Scott gym. It will include live, balloon and silent auctions (see for a preview of auction items), a cash wine and beer bar, and full dinner and dessert. The suggested donation is $12; RSVP by March 25 to extension 2325 or There will also be a Kids' Night Out featuring swimming, sports and games for children in grades K-8. It will cost $12 for a first child and $7 for each additional child; RSVP at extension 2722 by April 12.

Faculty & Staff

Faculty Meeting
The seventh regular meeting of the faculty for 1997-98 will be held Wednesday, April 1, at 4:10 p.m. in the Alumnae House. Faculty members who have business for the meeting should notify Scott Bradbury in writing no later than Wednesday, March 25. Material to be included in the agenda mailing must be camera-ready and submitted to College Hall 27 by Monday, March 23.


President's Open Hours
President Simmons will hold open hours for students 2:30-3:30 p.m., Monday, March 30, and 4-5 p.m., Wednesday, April 15, in the Office of the President, College Hall 20. Open hours enable students to chat informally and individually with the president. No appointments are necessary. Visitors are seen in the order of their arrival.
Toiletry Drive
From March 30 through April 6 S.O.S. is sponsoring a toiletry drive to support Northampton's Grove Street Inn, a shelter housing up to 20 men and women for periods of up to three months. The drive will collect toothpaste, toothbrushes, razors, hand soap, hairbrushes, combs, tissues, deodorant, shampoo, mops, brooms, paper plates and cups, napkins, salad bowls, dust brooms, dish soap and paper towels. S.O.S. reps will set up donation boxes in each house; the house with the most donations will win a prize. Donations can also be made at the S.O.S. office. Please help out. (Sara, ext. 5631; Cindy, ext. 6187; S.O.S., ext. 2756)
Dance Auditions
Five College Department of Dance auditions for advanced dance-technique classes will be held Friday, April 3, in Scott dance studio as follows: 1-2 p.m., jazz; 2-3 p.m., ballet; 3-4 p.m., modern.
Nelson Awards
The Senior Awards Committee is now taking nominations for Juliet Evans Nelson Awards, presented each year to four seniors who have made outstanding contributions to the Smith community in such nonacademic areas such as SGA, athletics, student organizations, individual service, S.O.S. and the arts. The awards are presented at Last Chapel/Ivy Day and include a monetary award. Only juniors, seniors and Ada Comstock Scholars may make nominations; forms will be placed in their mailboxes, and they may make as many nominations as they wish, including group and self-nominations. Extra forms will be available in Clark Hall and the student mail center. Completed forms are due Thursday, April 9, and should be returned to box 8889. (Maggie Smith, ext. 6385)
SIFP Applications
Because of the larger-than-expected number of applications to the Summer Internship Funding Program (SIFP), decision letters will not be placed in student mailboxes until April 10, a week later than originally announced.
S.O.S. Blanket Project
On Tuesday, April 7, S.O.S. will hold Project Square to knit and crochet blankets to be donated to the needy at Jessie's House. The event will be held in the basement of the Chapel from 7 to 9 p.m. No experience is necessary, and refreshments and a movie will be provided. (Sara, ext. 5631; Cindy, ext. 6187)
Final Examinations
The schedule for May final examinations is posted in the registrar's office. Students should check it carefully and immediately report any conflicts to the registrar.
Grading-Option Deadline
The final day to change grading options in Smith courses is Friday, April 3. Students must be registered for a minimum of 12 graded credits for the semester.
Don't Remain Silent
More than half the Smith women who received a Cycles Survey have voiced their opinions. Have you? If not, please complete your survey right away and return it by hand or by mail to the Office of Student Affairs, College Hall 24.
Endangered Species Week
Thanks to everyone at Smith who took part in MassPIRG's National Endangered Species Awareness Week. Congratulations to Maria Worthen, the quiz-drawing winner of a $10 gift certificate for Bart's Ice Cream. The quiz answers were:
1. Two-hundred fifty U.S. native species have gone extinct since 1980.
2. There are four federally listed endangered species in Northampton.
3. The four federally listed endangered species from the list were the bald eagle, ladyslipper, groundhog and sockeye salmon.
(Carie Nyman, ext. 5529)
CDO City Fair
The Career Development Office will hold its annual City Fair on Sunday, April 19, from 1 to 3:30 p.m. in Davis Ballroom. The featured cities will be London; Paris; New York; Chicago; Seattle; Atlanta; Baltimore; Boston; Denver/Boulder; Washington, D.C.; Houston; Los Angeles; San Francisco; Northampton/Springfield; Philadelphia; and Portland, Oregon. Information will be available on relocation, apartment hunting, useful Internet sites, Smith Clubs, how to find a roommate, and job tips. From 1:20 to 2:30 p.m. in the Women's Resource Center (on the second floor of Davis) a panel of recent Smith alums will describe and answer questions about their experiences after college. (Matt or Shea, ext. 2570)
Law-Office Résumé Deadlines
Résumés, cover letters and any other required materials for full-time positions at the following law offices are due March 30 in CDO room 20: Davis Polk & Wardwell (New York); Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison (NYC); Goodwin, Procter & Hoar (Boston); and Smith & Duggan (Boston).
May House-Closings
On-campus students planning their end-of-semester departures should bear in mind that houses officially close for the academic year at 10 a.m. on May 9. With the exceptions noted below, housing contracts expire at that time and students are required to be fully moved out by then; those who fail to do so risk receiving a letter in their student file and a fine. Only seniors and students taking late Five College exams will be allowed to remain in their rooms after May 9. Students with permission to remain on campus through Commencement must move that afternoon to consolidated housing. Front-door and room keys for these houses will not be provided, but door watches will be maintained that week. The final night a student may reserve or inhabit a guest room is Thursday, May 7, after which the Alumnae Association will begin cleaning the rooms for Commencement/Reunion Weekend. Students taking Five College courses will be mailed housing-request forms the second week of March and are required to submit them to the Alumnae Association by March 31. (Zoe Dearden, ext. 2058)
Student Activities Fair
The Office of Admission invites all campus organizations to take part in a Student Activities Fair to be held during Open Campus on Wednesday, April 22, from noon to 1 p.m. Open Campus is a two-day program that helps admitted students make an informed decision about attending Smith. Participants go to classes, speak with students, eat and sleep in campus houses, meet faculty and staff, and explore the college on their own. The fair will enable potential members of the class of 2002 to learn about cocurricular life at Smith. Student organizations will be able to recruit new members, sell fund-raising merchandise and serve as goodwill ambassadors for the college. If your organization would like to participate, contact Nicole Dankes (ext. 6731; ndanks@sophia.
Not-for-Profit Career Fair
The not-for-profit career fair "NFP in NYC" will be held Friday, April 3, at the Low Library at Columbia University in New York. CDO may arrange for transportation to New York if enough students sign up. See Bev at CDO (ext. 2579) if you are interested.
Smith Jobs
The following jobs were available at our publication deadline. For complete information, see the bulletin board in the Office of Human Resources or call the job hot line at extension 2278.
Director of Physical Plant. Application reviews begin immediately.
Gifts assistant, Advancement systems and operations. Application reviews begin March 27 and continue until position is filled.
Carpentry foreman, Physical Plant. Application reviews begin immediately and continue until position is filled.
Director of the Ada Comstock Scholars Program. Application reviews begin immediately and continue until position is filled.

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