News for the Smith College Community | November 14, 1996

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Safety First

Over the past year, a team of administrative staff has been meeting regularly to explore an issue that many of us spend perhaps too little time considering-safety. Although most members of the college community are quick to describe Smith as a sound and secure place to live, work and study, this new group is taking a closer look at how we identify and address diverse safety issues.

The Cross Campus Safety Committee, chaired by Controller Tony Symanski, was initially inaugurated as part of the college's Safety and Health Program to examine workplace safety at Smith. However, notes Symanski, the group is interested in all safety concerns, whether they pertain to employees, students or even guests. For example, a new training program for students who want to drive college vans is one of the group's recent initiatives.

From the chem labs to the kitchens, the steam tunnels to the swimming pool, the Cross Campus Safety Committee hopes to make safety a top priority by improving safety planning, training and engineering. Special safety task forces, designed to address specific hazards and areas of interest, will be created (or integrated into the larger committee, if they already exist). Current sub-committees include the RADS Safety Committee, the Physical Plant Safety Committee, the Science Center Safety Committee, the Fine Arts Safety Committee and the Ergonomics Committee.

Yet, in addition to the duties assumed by these formal entities, everyone at Smith is being called upon to take responsibility for personal and community safety. Have you experienced or observed a dangerous or potentially dangerous situation? Do you have suggestions on how to better monitor or maintain safe practices? If so, contact Tony Symanski at extension 2202 (tsymanski@ais) or any of the Cross Campus Safety Committee members: Kathy Zieja and Pat Mirra (RADS); Bill Brandt and Richard Korzeniowski (Physical Plant); Sharon Rust (Campus Security); Sarah Pritchard (libraries); Kathleen Casey, Kathleen Chatwood and Leslie Power (Human Resources); Cheryl Donaldson (Information Systems); Nancy Fratoni (Science Center); Les Jaffe (Health Service) or Beth Carmichael (Five College risk manager).

Macro Ergonomics

Last fall, seven library staff members split the top prize in the "Idea Olympics," a year-long contest devised to generate creative and cooperative innovations or improvements at Smith. The successful team, Cleta Alix, Rose Marie Glavickas, Mimi Lempart, Patricia Messier, Joanne Nadolny, Naomi Sturtevant and Lucinda Williams, all members of the libraries' "Ergonomics Task Force," proposed establishing a similar group campus wide. And now, their prize-winning suggestion has been put into action as part of the college's focus on safety issues.

The Ergonomics Committee is one of several sub-groups of the Cross Campus Safety Committee (see accompanying article). According to its chair, Cheryl Donaldson, "ergonomics," simply stated, means "the science of arranging and adjusting your work environment to fit you and your body."

While much of the group's job will be to explore health and safety issues for those who work at desks and with computers, their aims, says Donaldson, are far broader. "Our main focus is to educate the entire community," she points out. "We want all employees to assess their own workspace and work habits so that they can prevent health problems from occuring."

Sometimes even simple changes, suggests Donaldson, can make a large difference in health and comfort. For example, if lighting is too dim or too bright, if cords and wires are often in the way-or if a constantly ringing telephone is out of the way-then changes should be made. Employees should also be aware of office furniture that is worn out or that is not allowing them to work at their best, and they should bring this to their department head's attention.

The Ergonomics Committee has a brochure that helps employees identify problem areas. This brochure is now included in orientation packets given to all new staff members and can be obtained through the committee. In addition, Ergonomics Committee members will pay a "house call" to those employees who feel they require additional assistance assessing their workspace. The Benefits Fair on December 4 will also feature an Ergonomics Committee table with educational materials.

To reach a member of the committee, send e-mail to or contact Cheryl Donaldson c/o Stoddard Annex, extension 2613. Other resources include a videotape and books from the Training and Development Resource Center in Human Resources; books on ergonomic issues in Neilson Library and pamphlets entitled Working Safely with Your Computer; Stress Reduction for Office Workers; Exercises at Your Workstation; Arranging Your Workstation to Fit You; Preventing Repetitive Strain Syndrome and You and Your Back, which are available at the addresses and/or phone number above.

If you're reading AcaMedia right now, perhaps it means you're taking a short break. That's very important, Donaldson and her colleagues insist, but make sure you get away from that terminal while you do it. But if you're still sitting at your desk, take a look around you and consider just how well designed your workspace is. And watch future issues of AcaMedia for more helpful-and healthful-hints from the Ergonomics Committee.


Susan L. Wilson '99 heads the Smith World Affairs Club. In the October 31 AcaMedia, she was incorrectly included on the Heads of Organizations list as one of the leaders of the Smith Pro-Life Alliance. However, she is not affiliated with that group. Please add Smith World Affairs Club next to Susan Wilson's name on all Heads of Organizations rosters.

Stamping Out Cigarettes

Hide those ashtrays, lighters and butts. It's time for the Great American Smokeout. This annual nationwide event, which encourages all smokers to set aside their cigarettes for at least one full day, will be held this year on Thursday, November 21, and the Human Resources' Benefits Group is gearing up to help Smith students, faculty and staff take part.

Last fall, in order to assist those who hoped to refrain, "quit kits"-complete with chewing gum, lollipops and informational literature-were delivered directly to smokers. This time, however, the Smokeout at Smith will feature a "Command Center," located in Neilson Browsing Room, offering food and festivities throughout the day. Here, not only can smokers obtain their quit kits, but there will also be new "care kits" available for non-smokers who wish to support a colleague, roommate, family member or friend in their smoking-cessation efforts

A range of Command Center activities have been planned by the Benefits Group and student intern Hannah St. Leger '97. These include:

8­9:30 a.m.

Noon­2 p.m.

2­4 p.m.

4:15­5 p.m.

The Benefits Group hopes that many smokers will take this opportunity to say no to cigarettes. For more information about the November 21 events, call extension 2270.

Get on the 'Net

Information Systems recently announced a dial-up Internet service for all members of the Smith College community-students, faculty, staff, alumnae, parents, employees' families and Campus School families. The new optional service, called Grécourt Gateway, is provided by CampusMCI, who also provide long-distance service to students living on campus.

Grécourt Gateway allows you to connect your personal computer to the Internet from off campus using a modem and a telephone. There is a one-time set-up charge of $14.95 and a monthly charge of $14.95 for 75 hours of usage. The service includes free usage from 1-6 a.m., free e-mail, free local access numbers in hundreds of United States cities, free technical support via a toll-free number, free Microsoft Explorer or Netscape Navigator software and other features.

Representatives from CampusMCI will be at the Smith College Computer Store in Stoddard Hall on November 21, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., to answer questions, demonstrate the service and register participants. You can also call 1-888-211-6025 or visit the CampusMCI web site at

Below are some frequently asked questions (and answers) about this new service:

Q: Will Smith's dial-up computer modems (585-3760) be removed?

A: No. People with valid Smith computer accounts will still be able to dial Smith's computer network and access e-mail, the Unix hosts (e.g., Sophia), VMS hosts (e.g., Kate and AIS) and the library online catalog.

Q: My house doesn't have CyberSmith yet. Can I use Grécourt Gateway from my room?

A: No. The telephone system on campus is not compatible. Grécourt Gateway is for use from off campus.

Q: What can I do with Grécourt Gateway that I couldn't do before?

A: Explore the Internet using graphical browsers like Netscape and MicrosoftExplorer from home or when traveling and access your e-mail from hundreds of U.S. cities toll free.

Q: What are some of the advantages of Grécourt Gateway and CampusMCI?

A: Local, toll-free numbers in hundreds of cities and a nation-wide 800 number provide dial-up access from anywhere in the United States. Customer and technical service are available 24 hours per day, seven days a week via a toll-free number.

Q: What do I need to use Grecourt Gateway?

A: A Macintosh or Windows computer compatible with Netscape or Microsoft Explorer; a fast modem (28,800 baud recommended) and free software provided by CampusMCI.

UW Winners II

The second 1996 United Way lottery prize drawing took place on November 1. And the winners are...

Scott Girard ($50 gift certificate from Packard's); Louise Walton (free lunch at the Smith College Club); Philip Reid (bottle of Smith College wine); Pamela Skinner ($50 gift certificate from the Eastside Grill); Maryjane Beach (two tickets to the Academy of Music); Dick Fish (reserved parking space); Janet Babcock (one-hour massage from Lyn Koerbel, Center Square); Susan Steenburgh ($25 gift certificate from Serv-U); Steven Monteiro ($15 fruit basket from State Street Fruit); Shauneen Kroll (Beethoven CD by Kenneth Fearn, piano); and Paul Davis ($5 gift certificate from Davis Center, of course!)

Job Openings

This is a listing of jobs available at our publication deadline. For complete information, see the bulletin board in the Office of Human Resources or call the job hot line at extension 2278.

Gardener, botanic garden. Apply by November 25.

Laborer, botanic garden. Apply by November 25.

Director of advancement operations, Advancement. Review of applications will begin December 2.

Senior benefits specialist, Human Resources. Apply by December 2.

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People News

Net Gains

The Smith tennis team was really... well, on the ball this autumn. Leading the charge was the dynamic doubles duo of Laura Beldiman '97, from Bucharest, Romania, and Kanta Murali '99, from Madras, India. The pair, who began playing together in the number-one doubles spot earlier this season, posted 13 straight wins and no losses.

This impressive list of victories included a first-place finish at the Intercollegiate Tennis Association Rolex Regional Doubles, held at Wellesley College on October 12 and 13. Their success at that event earned them a chance to play at the National Rolex Tournament in Memphis on October 25­27. However, they declined the invitation-the only team in the United States to do so-in order to stick with the Smith squad and compete in the New England Women's Intercollegiate Tennis Tournament at Amherst College, the oldest, largest and perhaps most prestigious regional tourney in the country.

The decision seems to have been the right one. Beldiman and Murali again took the top spot, defeating arch rivals Williams and Amherst in the semi-final and final rounds. "Both of those teams are also nationally ranked," notes coach Chris Davis, adding that Beldiman and Murali will receive their official national ranking this week. When the spring tennis season gets under way, the pair will aim for the national competition, to be held in California in early May.

Davis was delighted with her other players' performance this fall as well. The Pioneers placed third (behind Amherst and Williams) out of 22 teams at the New England Women's Intercollegiate Tennis Tournament. "It was our best finish since 1988," Davis observes. Moreover, they surpassed all of their competitors from the NEW 8 Conference and avenged several previous losses. Tri-captain Daisy Wynn '98, playing #3 singles, beat an M.I.T. opponent who had defeated her earlier this fall. Likewise, the #3 doubles team of tri-captain Sarah Galbreath '99 and Erica Block '00 settled a score with Wellesley.

"All six Smith singles players reached the quarter finals," Davis points out. "That's very unusual. Each had to win a minimum of two rounds to get there." In addition, all three doubles teams won at least their first round.

Sex Educated

A few weeks ago, to publicize National Young Women's Day of Action, which was held on October 24, the Smith Peer Sexuality Educators organized a short awareness-raising quiz. Each participant had the chance to enter a drawing if all of her answers were correct.

The winners of the drawing were Shannon Daz-Casper '00, who won a $20 gift certificate to Spoleto; Alicia McDaid '97, who won The Encyclopedia of Women Warriors Through the Ages, donated by Pride and Joy, and Hannah Lambert '98, who earned a half-hour for two in a hot tub at East Heaven.

The Smith Peer Sexuality Educators thank all who took part, as well as the businesses that donated prizes. For those who didn't try the quiz last month, the questions (and answers) are below:

1) What is the second leading cause of death for women between the ages of 35 and 54?

2) What types of lubricant are considered safe for use with latex?

3) What form of contraception also helps protect against HIV?

Answers: 1) Breast cancer. 2) Water-based lubricants. Oil-based lubricants weaken latex, causing it to be more likely to break. 3) A latex condom.

Up Close and Personnel

New Hires:

Rochelle Benoit, nurse, Health Service; Kimberley Broderick, research assistant, psychology; Cheryl Cardinal, teacher, Campus School; Jennifer Demir, administrative assistant, Chapel; Carolyn Dubois, associate director of field work, School for Social Work; Karin Fischer, assistant editor, Alumnae Quarterly; Kevin Forrestall, security officer, Campus Security; Geary Gravel, staff interpreter for the deaf, Institutional Diversity; Alona Horn, intern, Museum of Art; Doreen Kelly, clerical assistant, Human Resources; Barbara Polowy, art librarian, libraries; Samantha Rossi, computer teacher, Campus School; Eric Sergel, security officer, Campus Security; Marlene Znoy, nonprint resources assistant, libraries


Avril Brevard, applications secretary, admission; Anna Fessenden, project/user services coordinator, Center for Foreign Languages and Cultures (October 1995); Marilyn Ryan, applications secretary, admission


Michele Cloonan, curator of rare books, libraries; Kenneth Faust, supervisor, carpentry section, Physical Plant; Claire Dienes, print room assistant, Museum of Art; Erin Kirby, assistant for travel program, Alumnae Association; Carol Lynch, applications secretary, admission; Jean Michalowski, housekeeper, RADS

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Monday, November 18

Open meeting: Campus Climate Working Group.
Noon­1 p.m., Neilson Browsing Room
French language lunch table
12:15 p.m., Duckett Special Dining Room
Italian language lunch table
12:15 p.m., Duckett Special Dining Room
CDO workshop: How To Find a January Internship.
12:15 p.m., CDO, Drew Hall
CDO workshop: Anita Woo, peer adviser, available for résumé critique. This service is in addition to daily drop-in and résumé express.
1­2:30 p.m., CDO, Drew Hall
CDO workshop: How To Prepare For a Successful Interview.
2:45 p.m., CDO, Drew Hall
Résumé referral deadline: Andersen Consulting (cover letter, résumé, personal data sheet and unofficial transcript required). Also due: The Lewin Group (health care policy research and management consulting firm).
4 p.m., CDO, Drew Hall
Religious activity: Scripture study and discussion with chaplains Elizabeth Carr and Richard Unsworth.
4­5 p.m., Bodman lounge, Chapel
Meeting: Amnesty International.
4­5 p.m., Seelye 105
Meeting: Smith Debate Society.
4­6 p.m., Seelye 107
Lecture: "American Mass Culture in Europe," by Rob Kroes, director of the American Institute, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and visiting professor of sociology, Boston College. Co-sponsored by the Diploma Program in American Studies and the sociology department.
4:15 p.m., Seelye 101*
CDO informational meeting: Mitchell Madison Group (management consulting firm in NYC).
4:30 p.m., Seelye 206
CDO informational meeting: Tuck (Dartmouth College) Business Bridge Program. For juniors and seniors thinking of interviewing for a business job, for seniors starting a business career or for those who just aren't sure. The Amos Tuck School of Business Administration offers a new and challenging 30-day residential program. Its purpose is to give liberal arts students a rigorous introduction to global business and to develop the practical decision-making skills needed in a business career. (This is a tuition program.)
4:30 p.m., Seelye 201
Dinner discussion: "The European Union: Friend or Foe?" Karen Alter, government department, will address historical and contemporary questions surrounding the EU. Sign up at the post office or call Catherine Winfrey at ext. 4786.
5:45­7 p.m., Duckett Special Dining Room
Panel discussion: "After Mastectomy: Reconstruction or Not?" Dr. Kristin Steuber of Baystate Medical will present reconstruction options; a panel of women who have made varied choices will follow.
7 p.m., Seelye 106*
Meeting: The Smith Intervarsity Christian Fellowship of the Gospel of Mark Bible Group will meet. All are welcome.
7­9 p.m., Seelye 107
CDO informational meeting: Federal Reserve Bank of New York. This meeting is for all students on the interview schedule.
7:30 p.m., Neilson Browsing Room
Lecture: "Bosnia 1996: War Crimes, International Law and Democratization," by Beverly Allen, professor of Italian, comparative literature and women's studies at Syracuse University and author of Rape Warfare: The Hidden Genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. Sponsored by the Five College Program in Peace and World Security Studies, Friends of Bosnia and the Smith College Committee on Community Policy.
7:30 p.m., Stoddard auditorium*

Tuesday, November 19

Workshop: "Conflict Resolution: Handling Interpersonal Tension." Part of Staff Training and Development Workshop series. Questions? Contact Kathleen Chatwood at xt. 2263.
10 a.m.­12 p.m., Neilson Browsing Room
Religious activity: Episcopal-Lutheran Fellowship meets in the parish house parlor for worship, lunch and friendship. All welcome.
Noon, St. John's Church, Elm Street
Luncheon meeting: Sigma Xi. "Fire and Water: The Impact of the 1994 Forest Fires on Payette Lake, Idaho," by Robert Newton, professor of geology.
Noon, Smith College Club downstairs lounge
Deutscher Tisch language lunch table
12:15 p.m., Duckett Special Dining Room
Japanese language lunch table
12:15 p.m., Duckett Special Dining Room
Meeting: Preregistration meeting for EDC 346. Students planning to practice teach at the secondary level should attend this preregistration meeting.
5 p.m., Morgan Hall lounge
Lecture: Open Discussion: "Fritz Arndt (1885­1969): Scientist, Teacher and World Citizen," with Lâle Burk, lecturer, chemistry department. Sponsored by the History of the Sciences Program.
5 p.m., Wright common room*
Meeting: Grécourt Review.
5­6 p.m., Seelye 202
Meeting: Keystone Campus Crusade for Christ Bible study.
5­6 p.m., Bodman lounge, Chapel
Meeting: Senate. All are welcome.
7 p.m., Seelye 201
Meeting: "A Course in Miracles," a meditation, prayer, study, support group led by Marianna Kaul-Connolly.
7 p.m., Bodman lounge, Chapel
CDO workshop: How To Write an Effective Résumé.
7 p.m., CDO, Drew Hall
CDO workshop: Nicole Liotti, peer adviser, available for résumé critique. This service is in addition to daily drop-in and résumé express.
7­8 p.m., CDO, Drew Hall
CDO Open Hours
7-9 p.m., CDO, Drew Hall
Workshop: Female Figure-Drawing Session. Free. Sponsored by the Art Resources Committee. All Smith students w/ID and Five College students w/ID and sticker are welcome. Questions? Call Jen, ext. 7698, or Naomi, ext. 4054.
7­10 p.m. Hillyer 18/19
CDO informational meeting: First Empire State Corporation. This meeting is only for students on the interview schedule.
7:30 p.m., Seelye 107
Lecture: "When Isms Become Wasms: Marxism, Feminism and Postmoderism," by June Nash, William Allan Neilson Professor in Latin American Studies. Sponsored by the Latin American Studies Program.
7:30 p.m., Neilson Browsing Room*
Panel discussion: Educational forum on the health risks of daily household toxins. Four speakers from MassPIRG. (Rescheduled from last week)
7:30­9:30 p.m., Seelye 106*
CDO workshop: Confused about career choices and directions? Come to a workshop to get you started on career planning. We will introduce the tools to clarify your goals, values and skills and assist you with career decisions.
8 p.m., CDO, Drew Hall
CDO workshop: Anita Woo, peer adviser, available for résumé critique. This service is in addition to daily drop-in and résumé express.
8­9 p.m., CDO, Drew Hall

Wednesday, November 20

Student payroll vouchers due by noon in College Hall 10.
CDO workshop: Amy Whitehead, peer adviser, available for résumé critique. This service is in addition to daily drop-in and résumé express.
10­Noon, CDO, Drew Hall
Religious activity: A gathering and informative discussion/reflection for Catholic Adas. Lunch is served.
Noon­1 p.m., Bodman lounge, Chapel
Korean language lunch table
12:15 p.m., Duckett Special Dining Room
Spanish & Portuguese language lunch table
12:15 p.m., Duckett Special Dining Room
Informational meeting: SALT Center for Documentary Field Studies Semester in Maine: Learn how you can spend your semester in Maine, documenting a region through words or photographs, with Sue Robinson, director of enrollment, SALT Center .
3­4 p.m., Seelye 101
Meeting: Faculty. Tea at 3:45 p.m.
4:10 p.m., Alumnae House conference room
Lecture: Erika Thoren '97 will talk about her experience at the Denmark International Studies Program. Part of Five College Coastal and Marine Sciences Summer and Semester Program Series.
4:15 p.m., Burton 101*
CDO informational meeting: "A Legal Life: A Panel Of Alums Discuss What It's Really Like." Join us for a discussion with alumnae in a variety of legal careers, who will discuss options within the field. Panelists are Lisa Barr, Boston University Law School; Toni Wolfman and Aleese Brown, University of Pennsylvania Law School; and Sharon Goddard White, Georgetown Law School.
4:30 p.m., Dewey common room
Lecture: The second Global Issues Forum, "Virtual Security, Global Surveillance and International Terrorism," by Professor James Der Derian, UMass.
4:30 p.m., Seelye 106*
Informational meeting: Smith Pro-life Alliance. For the discussion of abortion issues. All are welcome.
6­7 p.m., Haven House dining room
Lecture: "In Search of Mary...Relic of the Religious Past or Beacon of the Future?" by Sally Cunneen, co-founder and editor of Cross Currents, author of In Search of Mary: The Woman and the Symbol.
7 p.m., Neilson Browsing Room*
Informational meeting: Gold Key is looking for new members to provide campus tours, serve as overnight hosts to prospective students and help at admission office events. Questions? Call Linda Fu at ext. 6085.
7 p.m., Wright common room
Workshop: Male Figure-Drawing Session. Free. Sponsored by Art Resources Committee. All Smith students w/ID and Five College students w/ID and sticker are welcome. Questions? Call Jen, ext. 7698, or Naomi, ext. 4054.
7­10 p.m., Hillyer Room 18/19
Religious activity: Buddhist service and discussion.
7:15 p.m., Bodman Lounge, Chapel
CDO informational meeting: Broadview Associates (consulting).
7:30 p.m., Seelye 110
Film: Danton (1982; Andrzej Wajda director; stars Gerard Depardieu). From Stanislawa Przybyszewska's play. Danton challenges Robespierre the incorruptible to end the Reign of Terror. Required for students in HST248.
7:30 p.m., Seelye Hall 201*
Slide lecture: "Romans in India: The Evidence of Archaeology," by Dr. R. Nagaswamy, director, Epigraphy Programme, École Française Extrème Orient, Pondicherry Centre, India. Sponsored by the Committee on Community Policy and the Department of Religion Ada Howe Kent Fund.
7:30 p.m., Hillyer 117*
Performance: "Black Comedy," by Peter Shaffer, directed by Lisa Gilbar '97. Farce set during a blackout in a poor young sculptor's apartment. He and his fiancée stage an elaborate presentation for a famous art collector and her wealthy father, but all goes awry when the lights go out. Reservations through theatre department box office: 2­5 p.m. Tuesday­Friday and one hour prior to performance or by calling 585-ARTS/3374 TTY. Tickets: $5 general; $3 students and seniors.
8 p.m., Theatre 14, Mendenhall CPA*+

Thursday, November 21

Workshop: "Institutional Diversity: Sexual Harassment­Building Awareness on Campus." Part of Staff Training and Development Workshop series. Questions? Contact Kathleen Chatwood at ext. 2263.
9­11 a.m., Alumnae House Living Room
Special event: Smith Computer Store hosts CampusMCI representatives who will demonstrate Grécourt Gateway off-campus Internet service. (See news article.)
9 a.m.­4 p.m., Computer Store, Stoddard Hall
Luncheon meeting: "Big League Cities: The Economic Impact of Sports Teams on Cities," by Andrew Zimbalist, Woods Professor of Economics. Part of the Liberal Arts Luncheon Series; open to faculty, emeriti and staff.
Noon, Smith College Club lower level
Lunch meeting: Hillel at Noon, a weekly discussion and lunch. Visiting Professor Kenneth Stowe will speak on Italian Renaissance Jewry.
Noon, Dawes Kosher Kitchen,
CDO workshop: Self-Assessment Focus. Bring a lunch and completed summary sheet from self-assessment packet. Workshop will help you find the right fit in organizations and groups. Pick up packet ($3) and sign up with CDO receptionist by November 19.
12:15 p.m., CDO group room
Chinese language lunch table
12:15 p.m., Duckett Special Dining Room
Russian language lunch table
12:15 p.m., Duckett Special Dining Room
Workshop: "Safety Awareness: Look Before You Leap! Accident Reporting Training for Supervisors." Part of Staff Training and Development Workshop series. Questions? Contact Kathleen Chatwood at ext. 2263.
1­2 p.m., Graham Hall
Meeting: Question Quest. Dialogue on questions of belief and unbelief. Open to all students. Contact Tiffany at ext. 7913 or Elizabeth Carr at ext. 2752.
4­5 p.m., Talbot House
Lecture: "The Subject Is Not The Subject: How We Read Paintings. It's Not What You Paint But How You Paint It," by Justin Kim, visiting artist.
4:15 p.m., Hillyer 117*
Five College CDO informational meeting: New York College of Optometry. A representative discusses the expanded nature of optometry today, the positive effects of managed care on the profession and the specific academic and clinical components of their program.
4 p.m., Mount Holyoke College Career Center
Seminar: "Amphiphilic Approaches to Material Synthesis," by Coleen R. Pugh, department of chemistry, University of Michigan. Refreshments at 4:20 p.m.
4:40 p.m., McConnell Hall 102*
Slide lecture: "North American Thickets in English Shires: The Impact of John Bartram's Plants on the Design of the English Pleasure Ground, 1730 to 1770," by Mark Laird, author of The Flowering of the Landscape Garden. Sponsored by the Friends of the Botanic Garden.
4:45 p.m., Wright auditorium*
Meeting: Heads of Organizations. Mandatory for all heads. If you cannot attend, contact the coordinator of student organizations at ext. 4999. (Rescheduled from last week)
5 p.m., Stoddard auditorium
Meeting: Smith Debate Society.
5­6 p.m., Seelye 107
Meeting: Keystone presents a place to raise your questions about God, the meaning of life, Christianity, etc. Questions? Call Laura Keating at ext. 7290.
5­6 p.m., Clark Hall conference room
Dinner discussion: Round Table. Questions? Contact Allison Wenger at or ext. 7410.
5:45 p.m., Duckett Special Dining Room
Squash vs. Mount Holyoke.
7 p.m., Squash Courts, Ainsworth Gym*
Meeting: Newman Association. Home-cooked dinner. Come and enjoy the dinner and get involved in an exciting semester.
7 p.m., Bodman lounge
Meeting: Smith S.L.A.C. (Student/Labor Action Coalition) discusses labor, class issues and student/staff relations on campus and beyond. Questions? Call Daisy, ext. 4767, or Erin, ext. 5612.
7:30 p.m., Gamut (upper level)
Lecture: "The Friendship of Ellen Wright (Garrison) and Lucy McKim (Garrison), 1851­1877," by Harriet Alonso, professor of history at Fitchburg State College and American political and social history author. The lecture will focus on the education and expectations of young women in the era when Sophia Smith was pondering the best use of her family fortune.
7:30 p.m., Sophia Smith Collection, Alumnae Gymnasium, Neilson Library*
CDO informational meeting: M.I.T. Lincoln Labs.
7:30 p.m., Seelye 107
Performance: "Black Comedy," by Peter Shaffer, directed by Lisa Gilbar '97. (See 11/20 listing.)
8 p.m., Theatre 14, Mendenhall CPA*+
Film: To be announced. Sponsored by Rec Council.
9 p.m., Wright Hall auditorium

Friday, November 22

Workshop: "Competing through Diversity: Land of O's..." Part of Staff Training and Development Workshop series. Questions? Contact Kathleen Chatwood at ext. 2263.
Noon and 1 p.m., Neilson Browsing Room
ASL language lunch table
12:15 p.m., Duckett Special Dining Room
Lecture: "Designer Signal Sequences and What they Reveal About the Nature of the Protein Transport Pathway," by Debra A. Kendall '77, department of cell and molecular biology, University of Connecticut. Part of the Biological Sciences and Biochemistry 1996­97 Colloquium Series.
4:15 p.m., McConnell B05*
Meeting: Smith Science Fiction and Fantasy Society.
4:30­5:30 p.m., Seelye 208
Religious service: Shabbat Eve Service.
5:30 p.m., Dawes Kosher Kitchen
Community event: Shabbat Eve Dinner.
6:30 p.m., Dawes Kosher Kitchen
Film: A Raisin in the Sun (1962; Director: Daniel Petrie; cast: Sidney Poitier, Claudia McNeil, Ruby Dee). Based on Lorraine Hansberry's Broadway play. Examines the dilemma of a black family attempting to move from their crowded Chicago apartment to a white neighborhood.
7 and 9:15 p.m., Wright auditorium
Special event: Lakota Dream-Catcher Workshop and Story Telling. To make your own dream-catcher, reserve one of the limited spaces through Patricia, ext. 4149, Christina, 584-9951, Miava, ext. 6600, or Nia, ext. 7226. $3 suggested donation for making a dream-catcher, or just come to listen to the story telling.
8 p.m., Davis ballroom*
Performance: "Black Comedy," by Peter Shaffer, directed by Lisa Gilbar '97. (See 11/20 listing.)
8 p.m., Theatre 14, Mendenhall CPA*+

Saturday, November 23

Performance: "Black Comedy," by Peter Shaffer, directed by Lisa Gilbar '97. (See 11/20 listing.)
8 p.m., Theatre 14, Mendenhall CPA*+

Sunday, November 24

Religious activity: Quaker (Friends) discussion group. Meeting for worship begins at 11 a.m. Child care available.
9:30 a.m., Bass Hall 210*
Religious service: Special service for Thanksgiving with the Chapel Choir and many hymns. All welcome.
10:30 a.m., Chapel*
Discussion group: "The Problem with the Word: Christianity and Sexuality." Lunch provided. Questions? Call Abby Rupp, ext. 4828, Deva Hubbard, ext. 5638, or Betty Stookey, Chapel Harvard Divinity School Intern, ext. 2750. This is sure to be a turbulent topic. All welcome.
Noon, Bodman Lounge, Chapel
CDO workshop: Shabana Shiliwala, peer adviser, available for résumé critique. This service is in addition to daily drop-in and résumé express.
1­2 p.m., CDO, Drew Hall
CDO Open Hours
1­4 p.m.
CDO workshop: How To Find a January Internship.
1:15 p.m., CDO, Drew Hall
Performance: "Black Comedy," by Peter Shaffer, directed by Lisa Gilbar '97. (See 11/20 listing.)
2 p.m., Theatre 14, Mendenhall CPA*+
Concert: Music for Thanksgiving. Works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Philipp Naegele, violin and viola; Lynn Sussman, clarinet; Brenda Miller, piano.
2­3:30 p.m., Museum of Art*
Film: A Raisin in the Sun. (See 11/22 listing.)
2 and 4:15 p.m., Wright auditorium
CDO workshop: Job Search for Seniors.
2:30 p.m., CDO, Drew Hall
CDO workshop: Nicole Liotti, peer adviser, available for résumé critique. This service is in addition to daily drop-in and résumé express.
2:30­4 p.m., CDO, Drew Hall
Religious service: Roman Catholic Mass. Informal dinner will follow. All welcome.
4:30 p.m., Chapel*
Religious activity: Women's Spirituality Group. An ecumenical group to explore the spirituality and meaning of Christian feminism. All welcome.
7 p.m., Bodman lounge, Chapel
Meeting: Feminists at Smith Unite. Come discuss feminism and how it can translate into education and activism on campus. Questions? Call Missy at ext. 7850.
7 p.m., Women's Resource Center

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By action of the faculty, students are responsible for the observance of notices and calendar listings appearing in AcaMedia. Members of the Smith College community are expected to make their announcements through this publication. Submit calendar items and notices to Mary Stanton, Garrison Hall. Items for news articles (not calendar listings) should be sent to Sally Rubenstone, Garrison Hall. (E-mail submissions of notices and news articles are welcome as well: send to mstanton or srubenstone@ais as appropriate.)
Copy is due by 4 p.m., Wednesday, November 27, for issue #13 (containing the December 9 to January 5 calendar listings). Copy is due by 4 p.m., Wednesday, December 4, for issue #14 (containing the January 6 to January 25 calendar listings). Late information cannot be accepted.
AcaMedia staff
Cathy Brooks, layout
Sally Rubenstone, editor
Mary Stanton, calendar
Five College Calendar Deadline
Entries for the January Five College Calendar must be received in writing by December 13. Entries received after this deadline will not appear in the January issue. Please send all entries to Mary Stanton in Garrison Hall.


Museum of Art, 585-2770. Hours: Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Wednesday and Sunday, Noon to 4 p.m.; Thursday, Noon to 8 p.m. Print Room hours: Tuesday through Friday, 1 to 4 p.m., Saturday, 1 to 4 p.m., during exhibitions. Other hours by appointment.
Life Under Glass: Paintings of Lyman Plant House by Louise Minks and Claudia Zimmerman '91 (November 1 through 16). McConnell foyer, Clark Science Center, Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.­4:30 p.m.
French 18th-Century Prints and Drawings from the Collection. (November 5 through December 21). Print Room. Museum of Art
Small Landscapes and Monotypes by Sally Brody '54 (through November). Alumnae House Gallery, 585-2020. Hours: Monday­Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

GRE Testing

Graduate Record Examinations administered by the Educational Testing Service will be given in Seelye Hall on Saturday, December 14, 8 a.m.­5:30 p.m.

Registration For Spring 1997

All students returning for spring semester 1997 must submit registration forms to the registrar's office on assigned days. Those who are unable to do so have until Friday, November 22, to register. The deadline for Five College registration is also November 22. No Smith or Five College forms will be accepted after this date.

Interterm Registration

All registrations for interterm courses taken for credit are due in the registrar's office by Friday, November 22. Instructions are included in the registration packets.

Exam Workers

Students interested in being exam workers should sign up in the financial aid office. Students interested in being exam supervisors should sign up in the registrar's office.

Volunteer To Usher

If you want to see the hysterical farce, Black Comedy, by Peter Shaffer, for free, we need your help. Ushers are needed for performances on November 20­24. Ushers arrive 45 minutes before the show, assist patrons and hand out programs. Call Erin, ext. 4889, or Amy, 582-0647, for details and to sign up.

Grad School Application Fee Help

The Smith Students' Aid Society (SSAS) has funds for graduate school application fees for seniors with genuine need. A student seeking aid must prove that a fee waiver is not possible from the school to which she is applying (waiver applications available in financial aid office) and should fill out application forms for SSAS aid at the CDO reception desk. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. First deadline: Friday, December 13, 1996; second deadline: February 7, 1997. Questions? Call Cathy Langworthy at ext. 2577.

Recycling Coordinators: They Want to Know...

Have you had a juice bottle or soda can in your hand and been frustrated because you can't find a recycling bin nearby? Have you thought that bins in one hall would be more useful in a different hall? Have you wondered why there are not enough bins in one place or too many in another? The recycling coordinators are trying to make sure that bins are well placed at Smith, and they need your input. Please call the recycling hotline (ext. 2447) and tell them how to make recycling easier for you.

Treasure Hunt

The Northampton Friends, a Smith chaplain-sponsored group, will hold the first Great Northampton Treasure Hunt on Saturday, November 23. Search for answers to clues in or near downtown Northampton. The hunt starts at 1 p.m. (rain or shine) from the basement of the Unitarian Society on Main Street. Registration opens at 12:30 p.m., and participants are encouraged to come early. The hunt will end at 4:30 p.m. Preregistration requested. Call Teddy Milne at 584-8547. Admission $10, if preregistered; $12 if not. (Children 12 and under, free with a paid adult.) The hunt benefits the Northampton Friends Meetinghouse Fund. Participants are asked to bring a box of cookies or a bottle of fruit juice to share at the end of the hunt.

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