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A Culture of Care

Read Smith’s UPDATED plans as of August 5, 2020,
for an entirely remote fall 2020 semester.

Precollege Online

Image of Rachel Pietrow working on a laptop outside

We are excited to announce Smith Precollege Online! This multi-faceted program opportunity allows students to engage digitally.

The first program we are launching is Precollege Community, a non-academic group that will meet monthly. Students will get a chance to participate in three live sessions a month or watch them recorded if they miss them. Every month includes a health and wellness workshop, creative workshop and relevant skill-based session. See below for our tentative schedule by month. 

Who should register? Students in grades 9–12 or those who have deferred from college this academic year.

Stay tuned for information on our academic-focused Crash Courses!

Precollege Community Program Content

Each month of content for Precollege Community will provide:

  • One live discussion on a monthly relevant topic (1 hour)
  • One virtual common room creative workshop (1 hour | recorded version will also be available)
  • One live wellness class (1 hour | physical and mental)
  • Access to an online library of resources and content
  • Engaging online discussions and peer networking opportunities

Benefits of the Precollege Community Program

  • Smith Precollege Online offers students participation from anywhere in the world, at their own pace
  • Over 20 hours of live online learning events
  • More than six topics of interest: College Readiness, Personal Values, Diversity & Inclusion, Effective Communication, Time Management & Focus
  • Supportive environment of adviser and peers
  • Students gather as a cohort for book discussions, virtual common room gatherings and engaging activities

Precollege Community Staff

Portrait of Tina Zorzi of Precollege Programs
Tina Zorzi

Precollege Residential Manager/Precollege Online Leader
Hi! So good to see you here. I'll be leading you through our live monthly discussions, creative workshops and weekend wellness sessions. Reach out to me with any questions at

What I love about Smith Precollege Online: Virtual Friday tea times as a community, creative workshops, guest instructors who bring diverse skill-sets and meeting students from all over the world

Education: Master’s in school counseling, bachelor’s in psychology and women’s studies.

Bonus: Leading house communities with precollege students and staff at Smith!

Most exciting part of Precollege Online: The monthly tasks based on the topic. I can’t wait to see how students create and share their reflections and personal projects. I also can’t wait to run creative workshops and wellness sessions based on self-care.

Tentative Program Schedule

MONTH Tentative Topics
November Self-Knowledge, Goal Setting and Time Management
December Inclusion and Intersectionality
January Research and Study Habits
February Connecting and Networking
March Powerful Communication
April Pursuing and Practicing Your Passion

Precollege Online Program Fees

  • $200 for the entire six-month program
  • $50 for one month (à la carte)

Reduced pricing is available. Reach out to our general email to get the reduced pricing codes.