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Faculty & Staff


Department of Music

Sage Hall
Smith College
Northampton, MA 01063

Phone: 413-585-3150
Fax: 413-585-3180
Administrative Assistant:
Anna Goudreau
An instructor giving lesson in violin

Performance Instructors

Please contact Anna Goudreau with questions about instruments not listed here, or to reach any of these instructors.

  • Phil Acimovic: Javanese Gamelan Ensemble
  • Claire Arenius: drums
  • Anthony Berner: violin, viola
  • Rebecca Eldredge: bassoon
  • Laurie Ellington: voice
  • Justina Golden: voice
  • Ronald Gorevic: viola
  • Donna Gouger: trumpet
  • Charles Huang: oboe
  • Colleen Jennings: violin
  • Bruce Krasin: saxophone
  • Yang Liu: piano
  • Joy Lu: Chinese Music Ensemble
  • James MacDonald: upright and electric bass
  • Meghan MacFadden: Wind Ensemble
  • Felix Margolin: piano
  • Scott Pemrick: trombone
  • Thomas Pousont: organ
  • Ellen Redman: flute, piccolo, Irish flute, Wailing Banshees
  • Joseph Ricker: classical guitar, guitar
  • Alice Robbins: gamba, cello
  • Wayne Roberts: upright and electric bass
  • Genevieve Rose: Jazz Ensemble
  • Emily Samuels: recorder
  • Gary Sienkiewicz: tuba
  • Sheffra Spiridopoulos: French horn
  • Lynn Sussman: clarinet
  • Felice Swados: harp
  • Timothy Van Egmond: dulcimer
  • John Van Eps: drums, marimba
  • Sarah Vincelett Dredge: voice

Administrative Staff