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Languages at Smith

Word cloud depicting the word "hello" in multiple languages

Smith College offers a variety of languages with a focus on relevant cultural, historical and global issues. By studying foreign languages, you will enhance your understanding of the world and gain a deeper insight into your own culture. You will learn to navigate and take advantage of transnational, translingual and transcultural networks. The knowledge of a foreign language will enrich your engagement with your specific field of study, whether in STEM, social sciences or humanities. Study language: it will be your passport to global citizenship!

Why Study Languages at Smith?

Smith has a rich tradition of language learning, with options also available through the Five Colleges.
Classes are small and taught by a gifted and dedicated faculty that offer real-world experiences.
Study abroad and internship programs offer a wide variety of exciting opportunities.

Explore Language Programs

Words & Pictures

Discover why learning a language at Smith is fun, effective and rewarding. See a representative sample of projects that feature language learning and experiences on campus and out in the world.

Student-produced graphic for a book in Japanese about a traveling belly button

Japanese | Tadoku Project (website)

Sydney Williams video still doing a makeup tutorial in Korean

Korean | Makeup Tutorial (video)

students at a Language Lunch Table for Korean

Language Lunch Tables | Overview
(video: Korean featured)


Russian | Learning Russian at Smith (video)


Rural farm scene with road, barn, cows and silo

Spanish | “Alas de resistencia” (video)


Bicycle near train tracks with sun setting by Liliana Wollheim Martinez

Translations | International Poetry Day (website & podcasts)
Celebrating Collaborations (website)

“I couldn’t have been happier with my experience at Smith. Many of the language skills, literary references and cross-cultural understandings that I used while living abroad, post-graduation and in my present career stem directly from my years as a French major.”—Christianne Beasley ’12