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A Culture of Care

Read Smith’s UPDATED plans as of November 23, 2020,
for the spring 2021 semester.

Community-Based Learning & Research

Smith student teaching Vietnamese to school children

Students from a variety of disciplines combine coursework, practical experiences, independent research projects and guided reflection to develop essential skills for addressing complex local, national and global challenges.

Community Engagement & Social Change Concentration

The Jandon Center is the organizational hub for the Community Engagement and Social Change Concentration, through which students embed community work directly into their curricular studies.

Community-Based Learning Courses

Community-Based Learning (CBL) courses at Smith and the Five Colleges help maintain significant community partnerships and aim to meet actual community goals as well as advance academic learning. CBL courses at Smith span disciplines, topics and community partnerships as near as Northampton and as far as India.

Please refer to the Smith College Course Catalog for current offerings and a full listing of courses.

ARS 370 Memory & Socially Engaged Art
ARS/LSS 389 Broad-scale design and planning studio
CCX 120 Community-based learning [CESC Gateway] Ethics and Practice
CCX 320 Capstone Seminar for the CESC Concentration
DAN 267 Dance in the Community
EDC 200 Education in the City
EDC 232 The American Middle School and High School
EDC 336 Seminar in American Education
EDC 338 Children Learning to Read
EDC 342 Growing Up American: Adolescents and Their Educational Institutions
EDC 343 Multicultural Education
EGR 410D Engineering Design and Professional Practice
EGR 422D Engineering Design Clinic
ENV 201/202 Researching Environmental Problems
ENX 301 Environmental Capstone: Sustainable Food
GES 305 The Gender of Politics Participatory Democracy Development
HST 383 Research Seminar in US Women's History, The Sophia Smith Collection
IDP 320 Women's Health of Tibetan Refugees in India
LSS 110J Interpreting the New England Landscape
LSS 250 Studio: Landscape and Narrative
MUS 202 Thinking About Music: Hidden Musicians Northampton
PSY 355 Practicum Seminar in Clinical Psychology
PSY 373 Research Seminar in Personality Psychology
SWG 230 Gender, Land and Food Movements
SWG 238 Women, Money and Transnational Social Movements

Community-Based Participatory Research

A key goal of the Jandon Center is to provide more and better-coordinated support for faculty and students undertaking community-engaged work. In particular, we seek to create a research culture grounded in Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR). CBPR (also referred to as "participatory action research" or "mutual inquiry") is considered a successful collaborative research model that stresses campus-community partnership and connects faculty from across the disciplines to concerns in the community.

Faculty Support

Faculty can apply for support to fund their Community-Based Learning and/or Community-Based Participatory Research work. This can include funding for field trips, guest speaker honoraria, meeting costs and materials for learning/research activities and reports.

“I’ve learned how much richer your life becomes when you step outside of the college bubble and incorporate people different from yourself into your life.”
—Veronica ’17